How can I upgrade my plan to more powerful one?

VPSForexTrader offers flexible upgrade system and allows clients to upgrade their active plan to the higher one at any time. Upgrades are done without any loss of your existing data, so you will not need to setup anything again. It can be scheduled to be done in advance and can be done during the weekends too, eliminating any possible interruptions during the trading hours!

In order to request an upgrade of your service, log into your clients account, click on one of your active services which you would like to upgrade...

...and click on the green Upgrade button on your service details page.

As soon as you choose your preferred plan you wish to upgrade to and place an upgrade request, our team will contact you to schedule the upgrade time in advance in order to prevent any unexpected interruptions to your applications during the trading hours.

If you have any specific questions about service upgrade, feel free to contact our support team, who will help you to answer your questions!


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