VPSForexTrader offers four billing cycles to choose from while making a purchase:
– Monthly – 1 Month
– Quarterly – 3 Months
– Semi-Annual – 6 Months
– Annual – 12 Months


If you would like to change your billing cycle, contact our support team, who will make appropriate changes!

VPSForexTrader offers subscription-based services, meaning that your purchased service will renew automatically on recurring basis.

If you would like to stop using your service and cancel further recurring payments, all you have to do is to place a service cancellation request. To do that, log into your clients account, click on the Services tab to open services overview page.

On My products & Services page, click More Options icon on the service you want to cancel and select Cancel Service button.

In the next page, enter the reason of your service cancellation and select preferred cancellation type.

Immediate cancellation – service will be cancelled within the 24 hours after submitting request;
By the end of billing period cancellation – service will be cancelled by the end of it’s subscription period, giving an option to fully utilize 
the service until the very last day.

After filling the form, submit the request by clicking on the red Request Cancellation button. Once done, your subscription will be cancelled and your service will be terminated based on your preferred cancellation type.

If you will have any specific questions related to service cancellation, do not hesitate to contact VPSForexTrader support team, who will help you to answer your questions!

VPSForexTrader offers flexible upgrade system and allows clients to upgrade their active plan to the higher one at any time. Upgrades are done without any loss of the existing data, so you will not need to setup anything again. It can be scheduled to be done in advance and can be done during the weekends too, eliminating any possible interruptions during the trading hours!

In order to request an upgrade of your service, log into your clients account and click on the Services tab to open services overview page:



After that, click on More Choices icon on the service you wish to upgrade and select Upgrade option


In the next page, choose your preferred plan you wish to upgrade to and select preferred billing period for upgraded plan.

As soon as you choose your preferred plan you wish to upgrade to and place an upgrade request, our team will contact you to schedule the upgrade time in advance in order to prevent any unexpected interruptions to your applications during the trading hours.

If you have any specific questions about service upgrade, feel free to contact our support team, who will help you to answer your questions!

VPS services offered by VPSForexTrader are fully prepared within 15 minutes after the payment is completed!
If you choose Dedicated Server plan, it will take up to 1 hour until your new service is fully ready to use.

Check out our fast and reliable VPS Plans as well as even more powerful Dedicated Server Plans!

Are you in need of a more robust solution compared to a standard VPS? Explore our Dedicated server plans tailored to accommodate up to 15o MT4 platforms!*

You can choose from three different plans:

  • Standard Dedicated Server: for up to 25 MT4 platforms
  • Advanced Dedicated Server: for up to 75 MT4 platforms**
  • Professional Dedicated Server: for up to 150 MT4 platforms**

Check out our dedicated servers plans in the following locations:
New York
Hong Kong

*The specified numbers were achieved in our testing lab environment. Please note that there are no physical limits on the number of MT4 platforms each server can manage. Feel free to operate as many platforms as needed while ensuring the CPU load remains under 85% for optimal performance.

**There is a Windows limitation, which allows a maximum of 32 MT4 instances on a single Windows user. To run more than 32 instances on a single dedicated server, you will need to create additional Windows users.

We offer VPS services that are suitable for up to 10 MT4 platforms*

You can choose from three different VPS plans:
– Standard VPS can handle 1-4 MT4 platforms
– Advanced VPS can handle up to 6-7 MT4 platforms
– Professional VPS can handle up to 10 MT4 platforms

Check out our plans for the servers in following locations:
VPS plans in New York
VPS plans in Amsterdam
VPS plans in Vilnius
VPS plans in London
VPS plans in Hong Kong

Do you need more powerful option? Check out our fast and reliable dedicated servers.

* Numbers were achieved in our test lab. Depending on how heavy your trading platform is, these numbers can vary. There are no any physical limitations for MT4 count on each server.

VPSForexTrader offers an affiliate program which provides 15% recurring commissions for each referred user!


To become a part of affiliate program, you will have to be a registered user. Once you access the client area on our website, activate your affiliate profile my going to Affiliates page. After affiliate profile is activated, you will be given a custom link which will be used to refer new users. On the affiliate page, you can also find additional details about referred signups, pending, available commissions and more.

Currently we accept following payment methods:


– Credit/Debit card payments
– PayPal payments
– Crypto currency payments

VPSForexTrader currently offers VPS and Dedicated server services in four different locations: Vilnius (Lithuania), New York (USA), Amsterdam (Netherlands), London (UK) and Hong Kong.

In order to achieve the lowest possible latency to your forex broker servers, we recommend to choose appropriate VPS or Dedicated server location, which would be as close as possible to your broker servers.

If you want to know the latency to your broker servers or if you are not sure which server location you should choose, feel free to contact our support team!

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