How to setup automatic MT4 startup

If you want to make MT4 to start automatically after you log in, you need to add it to the startup folder.

To do that, you need to locate the startup folder first. Open up the Run dialog from the Start menu or just by pressing the shortcut on your keyboard Windows+R.

Once opened, you can enter one of the following commands:

  • shell:startup
  • shell:common startup

Note: the first command opens startup folder for your user, while the second one opens startup folder for all users.

Once the folder is open, all you have to do is to Right Click on your selected executable file and select Create a shortcut. Copy & paste recently created shortcut to the startup folder.

In this example, we have just set our Google Chrome browser to start up automatically once we have logged in.

If you already have a shortcut of your MT4, you do not need to create another one, just copy the existing one to the startup folder.

After you done, MT4 will start automatically after you log in to your user.


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