Why Does Metatrader 4 Freeze? Common Causes & Solutions

MetaTrader 4, despite its popularity, is not perfect and can freeze or crash when you least need it. 

In this article, we will look into the most common issues that can happen with MetaTrader 4 and provide actionable solutions to fix these problems. By following this guide, you’ll be able to troubleshoot and avoid having your MT4 platform crash in critical moments.

Let’s discover the key steps to maintain a seamless and high-performing MT4 experience.

Common Issues with MT4 Performance


One common issue experienced by MT4 users is lagging. Lagging in MetaTrader occurs when the platform takes longer to respond to your inputs, causing delays in executing trades or updating information. The lagging problem may stem from a variety of factors, such as poor internet connectivity, high resource consumption by other applications, or an overloaded trading server.

MT4 Freezing

Freezing is another frequent issue that traders face with MT4. The platform may become unresponsive, making it impossible to execute trades or analyze charts. Freezing can be a consequence of excessive resource usage by the platform itself, insufficient system resources, or an unstable internet connection. In some cases, MT4 freezes can be attributed to poorly coded custom indicators or Expert Advisors (EAs) that consume excessive system resources.


Slowdowns can manifest in various ways, such as delayed chart updates, sluggish navigation, or slow loading of historical data. Factors contributing to these slowdowns may include an overabundance of open charts or running too many EAs simultaneously. As with any other MT4 issue, insufficient computer resources or an outdated MT4 version can also cause the platform to perform poorly.

Chart lagging

This is another common issue that traders encounter in MT4. When this happens, price data on the chart is not updated in real time, making it impossible for traders to make sound trades. Chart lagging can arise from a multitude of reasons, such as an unstable internet connection, excessive chart history, or a high number of running EAs and custom indicators. In some cases, chart lagging can be resolved by adjusting MetaTrader 4 settings. 

Slow execution of orders

The slow order execution is a critical issue because you can miss profitable trades. This problem can result from various factors, including an overloaded trading server, poor internet connectivity, or high volatility in the market, causing delays in processing orders. In some cases, the use of custom tools, such as poorly coded EAs or indicators, can contribute to the slow execution of orders.

Tips For Optimizing The MT4 Platform

Change MT4 settings

Here are some changes you can make in your Metatradet platform to make run more smoothly:

  • Reduce the number of bars displayed in your charts. Go to Tools > Options > Charts and decrease the “Max bars in chart” to 5000. This value is set to 100000 by default.
  • Disable features you do not use in the Publisher, Email Alerts, and Events tabs.
  • Disable ‘News’ in the Server tab.
  • Press CTRL + M to open Market Watch, then right-click and choose ‘Hide All’ to remove unused currency pairs.
  • Close any charts you are not using.
  • If you are running Expert Advisors, consider disabling logging functions if not required.
  • Restart MT4 periodically.

Optimize custom indicators

Poorly coded custom indicators can cause MT4 to slow down or freeze. To address this issue, identify any problematic custom indicators and remove them. Be cautious when downloading indicators from external sources and only use those from reputable and verified providers. 

To refresh your navigator panel and make new indicators appear without restarting MT4, simply right-click and choose “Refresh.”

Disable unnecessary resource-intensive processes

You may be surprised to see how many resource-intensive processes may be running in the background, even if all applications are closed (Chrome being one of the most notorious examples). 

Open your task manager by clicking Ctrl + Alt + Delete buttons and see which unnecessary processes can be closed to free up RAM on your machine. This will leave more system resources for MetaTrader 4.

Tips for Preventing MT4 Issues

Have a reliable internet connection

A stable and fast internet connection is essential for smooth operation of the MT4 platform. Frequent disconnections or slow internet speeds can cause various issues, such as lagging and freezing. To prevent these problems, invest in a reliable internet service provider and use a wired connection when possible to ensure the best connectivity.

Keep the MT4 terminal updated

Using the latest version of MT4 ensures that you benefit from any performance improvements and bug fixes. Regularly check for updates and install them to keep your platform running smoothly and efficiently.

Monitor PC resources

Keeping an eye on your computer’s resources can help you identify issues that might be affecting MT4 performance. If you notice high CPU usage or low available memory, consider closing other resource-intensive applications or upgrading your hardware to better handle the demands of your trading activities. 

Don’t run more Expert Advisors (EAs) than your setup can handle

Running multiple EAs simultaneously can consume significant system resources, leading to a decrease in MT4 performance. To avoid this issue, limit the number of active EAs or use only those that are essential to your trading strategy. Additionally, disable any logging functions within the EAs if they are not required, as these can also consume resources.

Remove or replace problematic indicators

If you suspect that a third party indicator is causing crashes or freezes of the MT4 platform, disable any custom indicators you have installed, then enable them one by one to identify the problematic one. Remove or replace any indicators causing problems with more optimized versions.

Use a Virtual Private Server (VPS)

A VPS is a remote server that runs your MT4 platform independently of your local computer. By using a Forex VPS, you can ensure that your trading platform is always running, even when your computer is turned off or experiencing technical issues. Moreover, a VPS usually offers a more stable and faster internet connection, reducing the likelihood of platform-related problems.

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Making sure that your MT4 platform runs smoothly performance is vital for profitable trading. By following the tips we’ve discussed, you can take control of your MT4 platform and tackle any issues head-on. 

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