Using a Cheap Forex VPS: 6 Key Things You Must Know

You are here probably because you’ve heard about the advantages a Forex VPS can bring to your trading game. Or maybe you’ve been using one, and you’re considering switching to a cheap VPS to cut costs. Whatever your situation, we’re here to help you make an informed decision.

We all love a good deal, don’t we? But when it comes to Forex trading, and more specifically, your Forex VPS, going for the cheapest option can cost you more in the long run.

In this article, we’ll be exploring five critical considerations when opting for a budget Forex VPS. We’ll also delve into the potential pitfalls of going for a really cheap VPS.

What is Forex VPS Exactly?

Forex VPS, or Virtual Private Server, is like your personal online trading hub. It’s a dedicated space where your trading platform and strategies run 24/7, unimpacted by power outages or connectivity issues. For serious traders, a Forex VPS is essential – it’s the pit crew that keeps your trading car racing round the clock.

6 Important Considerations when Choosing a Forex VPS

When you’re eyeing a budget Forex VPS, don’t let price overshadow these five crucial factors:

Performance and Reliability: Like a reliable car, your VPS needs to run smoothly and consistently. Check the VPS specifications – RAM, CPU, and network speed. These elements dictate how well your VPS performs under trading load.

Uptime During Forex Trading Hours: Don’t get tricked by marketers promising 100% uptime. Such a thing does not exist. A good VPS provider should maintain maximum uptime during Forex trading hours, ensuring you don’t miss out on any critical trading opportunities.

Server Location: You want a VPS located near your broker’s servers. Why? Because data travels faster over shorter distances. A closer server location means less latency, and in the world of Forex trading, that means more opportunities for profitable trades.

Security Measures: Your VPS isn’t just a server; it’s the vault safeguarding your trading strategies and personal data. Look for security features like firewalls, DDoS protection, and regular backups. You wouldn’t leave your house unlocked, so don’t compromise on VPS security.

Scalability: Today’s trading needs might not be the same as tomorrow’s. As you expand your trading, you’ll want a VPS that can keep up. Good Forex VPS providers offer seamless upgrades to more powerful plans without data loss.

Quality of Customer Support: Trading doesn’t always go as planned, and when it doesn’t, you’ll want a competent support team by your side. Look for providers with expert support that can be contacted through a variety of channels You can usually gauge how good a VPS providers support is by looking at the client reviews.

Remember, going cheap shouldn’t mean skimping on these essentials. Like a well-balanced diet, your Forex VPS needs to tick all these boxes to keep your trading healthy and thriving.

The Potential Pitfalls of Going Too Cheap

Imagine looking for a place to stay for a business trip during summer, and you book a suspiciously cheap hotel room. You think you’ve got a great deal, but upon arrival, you realize the A/C is not working, and you have to sleep in a place that feels more like a sauna than a hotel room. That wouldn’t be conducive to a productive business trip, would it?

The same principle applies to a cheap Forex VPS. It might look appealing at first glance, but it could end up costing you more in the long run. Here’s why.

A $10 Forex VPS might seem like a great deal, but remember the old saying, “You get what you pay for.” With such a low price, you’re likely to encounter limited resources, poor internet connection, and servers located far from key forex brokers. You save some money, but you’ll lose out on great trades due to slow trade execution.

Higher Latency

In the world of forex trading, time is literally money. Increased latency can lead to slower trade execution. This might not sound like much, but in a market where fluctuations happen in milliseconds, it could mean the difference between making a profit and losing money.

Limited Resources

Running Expert Advisors or multiple MT4 platforms at once can gobble up a lot of system resources. A cheap VPS most likely won’t have the necessary processing power, memory, or bandwidth to handle such a load efficiently. This can lead to slower trade execution or, worse, your VPS crashing in the middle of a losing trade.

Poor Internet Connection

Another angle to consider here is internet connection quality. If your VPS provider doesn’t have a robust, stable internet connection, you risk being disconnected from your broker at critical trading moments. Imagine spotting a great trading opportunity, only to be thwarted by a disconnection.

Good VPS Will Pay For Itself

You might be thinking, “I can handle a few hiccups if it means saving some cash.” However, when it comes to Forex trading, the potential gains from a reliable VPS can greatly outweigh the savings from a cheaper, less reliable one.

Consider this: a high-quality VPS, like the ones we offer at VPSForexTrader, will cost you around $30 per month. Yes, that’s an annual investment of $360 (20% off if you go for annual billing), slightly more than the cheaper options out there. 

But with superior performance, lower latency, and reliable uptime, our high-quality VPS could help you catch more profitable trades that you would otherwise miss with a cheap VPS, which in turn would easily cover the investment.

So, while the price tag might be a bit higher, the return on investment, both in terms of potential profits and peace of mind, makes a high-quality VPS from VPSForexTrader well worth buying when compared with low-quality, cheap VPS hosting out there.

Key takeaway

In the end, the price should not be the key deciding factor when choosing a Forex VPS. After all, you’re not just buying a server; you’re investing in a tool that can significantly impact your trading success. And isn’t that worth more than saving a few dollars each month?

Don’t Settle for Less

In the quest for an inexpensive Forex VPS, don’t lose sight of the six crucial considerations we discussed – reliability, server location, security, scalability, quality of customer support, and focus on uptime during Forex trading hours. Remember, a cheap VPS might seem tempting, but the potential pitfalls could cost you more in missed opportunities or even financial loss.

So, before you dive in, take a step back and weigh your options carefully. If you’re looking for a Forex VPS that ticks all the right boxes, you might want to check out the range of Forex VPS plans we offer at We’re confident you’ll find the perfect balance between cost and quality!

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