Earn income with VPSForexTrader.com affiliate program

Forex trading is a highly dynamic field, that has it’s own challenges. From technical problems to sluggish execution speeds and connection stability, millions of traders around the world share similar challenges that can significantly impact their performance. 

Introducing the VPS, reliable companion in the world of forex trading. Offering uninterrupted connectivity and lightning-fast trade executions due to low latency to most popular forex brokers, VPS ensures that traders can take opportunities in the market without delay, maximizing their potential returns.

VPSForexTrader.com have been serving traders worldwide and helped them through their journey since 2011. Our reputation for delivering unrivaled uptime and near-instant execution is testament to our commitment to empowering traders with the best tools for success.

We understand the needs of our clients and the aspirations of our affiliate partners. That’s why we’ve crafted a simple and yet rewarding affiliate program, equipped with comprehensive marketing resources, technical assistance, and guidance.

Start your journey as our affiliate partner today and focus on what you do the best – we will take care of everything else!

How does our affiliate program work?

With affiliate marketing, success is within reach when you get it right. Excited to boost your earnings? Let’s talk about how VPSForexTrader.com affiliate program works.

With our affiliate program, earning extra income is easier than ever before. For every new VPS client you bring on board, you’ll earn a solid 15% commission. This applies to all subscription plans, and here’s the sweet part—it’s recurring! That means you’ll keep receiving that 15% slice every time your referred customer renews their subscription with us. On top of that, there’s no cap on referrals, so the bigger audience you refer, the larger your paycheck gets! As soon as your total commissions balance will reach $50 USD, you will be able to request a withdrawal of comissions.

For example, if you refer a customer who subscribes to our monthly $29.99 plan, you’ll earn a generous 15% commission, which converts to $4.50 in your balance. The best part is that commission is recurring, meaning as long as the user maintains their subscription, you’ll continue receiving $4.50 every month. As you continue to refer more customers, your passive income will grow steadily, month after month! With our affiliate program, the sky is the limit for your earning potential!

How to join VPSForexTrader.com affiliate program?

Ready to get started? We’ve got your back! We’ve made the joining process super simple so everyone could joing without a hassle. Let’s see how to join our affiliate program.

Step 1
To join our affiliate program, you will need to have an account with us. Sign up on our website here or log into your existing account here.

Step 2
Log into your account’s dashboard and navigate to Affiliates page using the left-side menu

Step 3
Activate your affiliate profile

Step 4
Copy your unique referral link and share it with your audience!

And you’re ready to start your passive income journey! It’s that simple!

How to succeed in affiliate marketing?

Understand the promoted product
Comprehensive knowledge of the VPS services you’re promoting is crucial. Research technical intricacies, performance, security features, and customer support offerings. Having this knowledge will help to develop content that resonates with your audience’s needs, catering to both novice users and professionals. Not only that, it will help you to separate yourself from the competition and build trust with your audience.

Engage with your audience
Engaging with your audience is essential for success in affiliate marketing. Identify their needs, preferences, and pain points, then build your content strategy accordingly. Encourage discussions and questions, aiming to build a community of like-minded individuals and strengthen your relationship with the audience. Ultimately, engaging with your audience enhances brand loyalty and increases the effectiveness of your affiliate promotions.

Focus on creating quality content
Immerse yourself in the art of content creation for maximum impact. Dive deep into the intricacies of VPS hosting services, exploring technical specifications, performance indicators, security protocols, and support structures. Craft content that not only educates but also inspires and engages your audience. Whether you’re addressing beginners or experts, aim for clarity and conciseness, delivering information in a format that speaks directly to their needs. By prioritizing quality in your content, you’ll effortlessly convey the value of VPS hosting to your audience, establishing trust and driving conversions.

Create a solid content strategy
To maximize your affiliate marketing performance, having good content strategy is important. Start by conducting thorough research to understand your audience’s preferences and interests. Focus on creating diverse content formats, including blog posts, videos, tutorials, and infographics, to cater to different learning styles and preferences. Incorporate keywords strategically to improve search engine visibility and attract organic traffic to your site if you have one.

Consistency is key here, so try to establish content publishing schedule (calendar) and stick to it. By continuously refining your approach and staying responsive to your audience’s feedback, you’ll create a content strategy that drives engagement and conversions, ultimately increasing your potential earnings.

Leverage social media
Don’t forget one of the most powerful way to reach your audience – social media! Social media holds the power to connect, influence, and amplify messages to a global audience like never before. Start by identifying the platforms where your target audience is most active and establish a presence there. Whether it’s LinkedIn, X (formerly known as Twitter), Facebook or Instagram, choose the platforms that align best with your brand and audience.

Create content based on your chosen platform recommendations, leveraging a mix of text, images, videos, and infographics to capture attention and encourage engagement. Engage with your audience by responding to comments, asking questions, and initiating conversations. Don’t forget to track your social media performance using analytics tools to understand what content resonates most with your audience and optimize your strategy accordingly.
By leveraging social media effectively, you can drive traffic and boost conversions, maximizing performance of your affiliate marketing journey.

Remember, VPSForexTrader.com team has got you covered and prepared pre-made graphic assets, including logos, banners, etc., to supercharge your social media presence.

Offer exclusive deals
Set yourself apart from the competition by offering exclusive deals and discounts to your audience. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the service provider to discuss potential offers tailored to your audience’s needs and preferences. By collaborating with the service provider, you can create custom promotions that resonate with your audience and drive conversions. Promote these exclusive deals through your marketing channels, such as your website, email newsletter, and social media platforms. Highlight the value proposition of the offer and emphasize the benefits of choosing your promoted product. Doing all this will help you to provide added value to your audience and increase the effectiveness of your affiliate marketing efforts.

Regularly analyse your performance
Stay ahead of the game by consistently evaluating the effectiveness of your affiliate marketing strategy. Set aside dedicated time to review key performance metrics such as click rates, conversion rates, and revenue generated from affiliate links.

Identify patterns and trends in your content to understand what strategies are working well and which ones may need adjustment. Are certain types of content driving more clicks? Are specific channels delivering better results? Use this information for further optimizations, stay informed about industry trends that may impact your affiliate marketing strategy and adapt your approach accordingly.

By regularly analyzing your performance and optimizing it, you can continuously improve your affiliate marketing efforts and boost your income.

Be patient
Lastly, it is important to understand that building a successful affiliate business takes time. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a thriving affiliate marketing empire.

Set realistic expectations for your journey and understand that results may not happen overnight. It may take time to build trust with your audience, establish credibility in your niche, and then finally see the fruits of your work. Stay focused on your long-term goals and create a solid system that will help to consistently work towards them. Remember, even when progress seems slow, every effort you put in today contributes to your success tomorrow.

Be patient during your affiliate marketing journey and don’t get discouraged by setbacks or challenges along the way. Stay committed to your vision and trust in the process. With patience and consistency, after your hard work and dedication, you will eventually reach that rewarding moment of seeing your efforts pay off.

Affiliate FAQ

Our affiliate program is straightforward and rewarding. Begin by signing up and activating your affiliate profile from the client dashboard. Once activated, you’ll receive a unique affiliate link to share with your audience. Earn 15% commissions for each referred user, with recurring earnings as long as the user keeps their subscription. When your balance reaches $50 USD, you can request a withdrawal through one of the available payout methods.

Joining our affiliate program is simple! Create an account with us, activate your affiliate profile from the client dashboard, and you’ll receive unique affiliate link. Share this link with your audience to start earning commissions. It’s a quick and easy process to start as our affiliate partner!

Our affiliate program is completely free to join. We welcome you to become a part of our affiliate community and start earning commissions without any upfront expenses.

You can earn a fixed rate of 15% commissions from each referred user. This means that for every sale generated through your unique affiliate link, you’ll receive a 15% from the payment.

Take advantage of recurring earnings! As our affiliate, you earn commissions from each payment your referred user makes. Enjoy continuous earnings as long as the user maintains their subscription.

Withdrawal of the earned commissions can be requested as soon as the total commissions balance reaches $50 USD

Requesting a withdrawal of your earned commissions is simple. Once your balance reaches a minimum of $50 USD, you’ll find a withdrawal request button in your affiliate dashboard. Just click the button and withdrawal request will be submitted. It’s that easy!

Affiliate commissions are paid through bank transfers or PayPal. When you reach the minimum commissions amount and request a withdrawal, our team will contact you to confirm your payment details. You can choose between a bank transfer or PayPal payment method. This ensures a secure and reliable process for delivering your earned commissions.

We’ve got your back! You’ll have access to logos, banners, and other assets that can enhance your promotional efforts. These materials are professionally designed to make it easier for you to effectively market our products and services to your audience.

Our affiliate dashboard provides comprehensive and user-friendly performance tracking. Monitor the number of signups, total clicks, and conversion rate effortlessly. You’ll also have a detailed history of earned commissions and your total balance.

Yes, earned commissions have a 14-day maturation period. After this period, they will be added to total available balance. This ensures a reliable and accurate reflection of your earned commissions.

If a customer chooses to cancel their subscription and takes advantage of our money-back guarantee, commissions earned from the refunded payment will be reversed and deducted from your total balance. This helps maintain transparency and fairness in our affiliate program.

Yes, our affiliate program is available worldwide. Whether you’re located in U.S., Europe, Asia, or any other part of the globe, you can become our affiliate and start earning commissions. We welcome affiliates from all regions, providing a global opportunity to benefit from our program. Feel free to sign up and become a part of our community, regardless of your location.

Start earning with VPSForexTrader

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