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How to check CPU and memory in Windows server

The foreign exchange market (Forex) has existed for decades as a stabilizing force for currency exchange rates. As the biggest financial market today, traders value the liquidity of currency and see it as a great opportunity to create another source of income or even turn it into a livelihood.

The foundational knowledge on Forex trading rarely changes in essence over the years - all we need to do is adapt the lessons for a modern situation. Accumulating basic economic knowledge and understanding your markets are the necessary steps that help you understand the value of trading.

While there's tons of information that will help you understand the basics of currency exchange, information technologies have modernized and digitalized the foreign exchange market. With innovation comes accessibility, making Forex bigger and more competitive than ever before.

With new tools and higher levels of competition, the advantages lie in details. With opportunities for modern traders being surprisingly equal, tech-savvy individuals thrive by creating technological advantages that improve the precision of executed trades and minimize the margin of error. With additional efficiency brought by technology come new ways to manipulate the situation to come out ahead.


We have written this article for experienced traders that are already familiar with MetaTrader 4 (MT4) or other trading platforms and the flexibility they provide. When you know how to use the software and its best tools, a part of your trading strategy may rely on Expert Advisors (EA) - automated robots that execute trades under specified conditions.

While the reliance on automation may vary, the efficiency, speed, and stability of a digital trading platform can make or break your financial gains on Forex. Beginner users like to test the waters and manage their trades on a home computer, but experienced traders face more risks which they want to minimize while utilizing possible advantages.

To ensure supreme internet connection, stable hardware, and continuous runtime, traders rent Virtual Private Servers (VPS). By utilizing these customizable hosting services, traders can set up Windows servers and run their platforms. A client can choose the closest location to their broker, manipulate hardware properties and storage space.


The rest depends on resource management. You can run multiple instances of MT4 or other trading platforms to scale up your trading setup. Once you pay for a VPS, make sure to squeeze

out every bit of value from a designated CPU, RAM, and storage. But how an inexperienced can check up on the vitals of their server?

The process is very simple. As you keep customizing and adding new instances of MT4, you can check your CPU and memory usage by pressing "WIN+R" shortcut and typing in "resmon" in your search box. This will grant you access to a resource monitor that will show what part of the resources is being utilized. Keep stacking up new instances of trading platforms for safe and automated tasks that will add up to your income.


VPS Forex Trader is a good hosting provider that specializes in creating favorable circumstances for Forex traders. When you know how to check your CPU and memory usage, you can utilize every advantage of the hardware at your disposal. After the first month of using the service, you will see how many resources you need and make adjustments for your future orders.

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