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What kind of internet I need for Forex trading?

For Forex traders, great internet connection is one of the most underrated assets. Internet speed is often underappreciated, mainly because for many people, it is hard to notice the power of great internet, for an average person.

Trading on the foreign exchange market can be a very delicate process, requiring unusual amounts of precision. Traders that like to travel often get frustrated when traveling to underdeveloped countries, because the dip in internet speed affects the accuracy of executed trades. Every trader should have some understanding of internet speeds. But what kind of internet is great or at least sufficient enough for Forex trading?

Understanding internet speed for Forex trading boils down to two concepts: upload speed and download speed. When using the internet, your computer or another digital device keeps uploading and downloading the necessary information. High download speed is important to retrieve accurate market data, while upload speed is directly responsible for the precise execution of your trades. The slower your download speed is, the more you will be misinformed before executing a trade. A great internet connection is very important for manual Forex trading, but it is crucial for automated trading.

When trading on the foreign exchange market, you are forced to make fast decisions daily. Slow upload speed causes a delay significant enough to sabotage the success of your trades. Besides, 75% of all trading around the world today is automated. When a trading software of your choice keeps trading as instructed by your specific algorithm, slow internet drastically decreases the success chance of your trades.

When trading on Forex, try to make sure your download internet speed is at least 1mb. It is extremely important to understand that the speed presented by your internet provider can be very misleading because it only displays the maximum speed your network can achieve. Expecting such download speed at all times is unreasonable. The average speed can be as low as half of the maximum speed or even lower, so it is crucial to take these fluctuations into considerations, and, if the need arises, upgrade your internet.

To ensure accurate execution of your trades, make sure your upload internet speed is at least 500 kb. You will still encounter some frustrating delay, but it is the minimum requirement to have bearable and successful trading experience.

If you want to ensure the success of your trades, a great internet connection is a very useful tool that reduces the chance of failure. Make sure your internet speed is not lower than 1mb upload speed and 2mb download speed.

More advanced Forex traders often claim that trading at the comfort of your own home is too unreliable and risky. By utilizing a Virtual Private Server (VPS), many traders install their trading software on a remote server with an ultra-high-speed internet. By paying a monthly fee, you can utilize the VPS Forex trader for your trades. In addition, internet speed is not the only feature that will increase the success chance of your trades. Stability and security provided by the VPS Forex trader eliminate all the inconveniences related to both manual and automated trading. Your trading system will never be affected by power outages, security breaches, and unstable internet connection. If you are serious about Forex trading and want to take your career to another level, the VPS Forex trader is a great tool that will increase your chance of success.

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