3th Sep 2020

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is the most popular trading platform used on Forex. With the help of many of its tools, traders all around the world use MT4 in various circumstances and different trading systems. MetaTrader 4 is used for both home-based trading, and a much more stable, reliable base of operations - a Virtual Private Server (VPS).

With a plethora of useful tools, capable of creating unique trading systems, MT4 has great circumstances for successful automated trading. Expert Advisors and Indicators create perfect circumstances for algorithmic automation and greater perception of data.

Indicators such as pivot points and pivot lines are great tools that help us determine important turning points of the market. Forex traders use pivots to mark points of resistance and support. Pivot lines are great at determining when the value of the market has gone from bearish to bullish or the other way around.

The liquidity of the foreign exchange market makes pivots a perfect tool to use on Forex. Previous highs and lows, changing averages, trend lines, Fibonacci levels, and many other useful indicators can be used to maximize the efficiency of a customized trading system. Use pivots for far more precise and comfortable trading experience.

Despite a wide selection of useful indicators, pivots are not part of the standard MT4 toolset. This useful analysis tool has to be manually downloaded for your system. Pivots are incredible tools with many different variations. With so many different pivots, finding the best ones for your trading strategy should not be difficult.

Once you find the pivots that suit your needs, copy the files (CTRL+C) and go to the "Data" folder in your MT4. After a window pops up, go to "MQL4", and after that, open the "Indicators" folder. Paste in the copied files (CTRL+V). Restart your trading software. Once the MT4 window is open again, choose the "Insert" -> "Indicators" -> "Custom" path on your menu in the upper-right corner. Select the newly installed pivots. The indicator should appear on the chart.

Pivots are very powerful tools that are often utilized while trading on Forex. Properly customized trading systems that utilize a wide variety of powerful tools use pivots for both monitoring of the system, as well as proper algorithmic automation.

VPS Forex trader is a great VPS provider for traders. A great MT4 setup will not be profitable and effective without proper hardware and internet connection. With servers in Amsterdam, Vilnius, and New York, VPS Forex trader ensures continuous, uninterrupted trading for every system. With Expert Advisors and useful Indicators on your MT4, the stability of a VPS is the last piece that is needed for a successful and profitable trading career.

3th Sep 2020

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is the most popular platform for trading on the foreign exchange market. Continuous trading on Forex can be beginner friendly, but to earn a respectable profit, intermediate and advanced traders create unique strategies, often with the help of algorithmic automation.

The utilization of many MT4 tools makes trading on Forex very flexible and comfortable. With the help of indicators and Expert Advisors (EA), traders can vastly improve and even automate their systems. Although full automation is not recommended for the safest profitable strategies, some quality of life algorithms can have many useful implementations.

If you are the user of MT4 that often uses EA's and other incredible tools, changing timeframes might be another desirable customization for your system. Changing and using custom timeframes on MT4 can be very beneficial or even mandatory for the successful usage of many tools, and a more in-depth analysis of presented results. Change your timeframes on MT4 right now to get the biggest value out of the tools at hand. Flexibility and customization help traders build systems that are effective and comfortable to use.

As mentioned before MT4 is the best Forex trading platform with automated trading robots - Expert Advisors. Some of the best, most popular custom tools on MT4 are shared in a big community of tech-savvy traders. Because a lot of trading strategies require widely used, popular Expert Advisors, changing timeframes for their designated usage is mandatory.

MT4 toolbar allows you to choose between these default timeframes: M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1, W1, and MN. "M" stands for "minute", "H" stands for "hour", "D" is short for "Day", "W" is "week", and "MN" is short for "month". You can alternate between these timeframes if they suit your needs. However, for more detailed representation, some customization to the timeframes can be very advantageous. Create the data representation that is perfect for your Forex trading system.

MT4 does not have the option to add custom timeframes to the toolbar mentioned before. If you want to change and customize your timeframes, you can do so by following these three steps.

  1. Find the right multiplier for a rounded down timeframe

To get the timeframe you desire, we need to round it down to the nearest lower value represented on the toolbar. For example, to create a 20-minute timeframe, choose a 1M timeframe and multiply it by 20.

  1. Use the PeriodConverter Script

After we know the multiplication required for our custom timeframe, we can use the PeriodConverter script to take the default 1M chart as our input for data generation for the custom 20-minute chart. After running the script, an offline chart will be generated. The name of the chart indicates that the data is not received from your broker – it just keeps getting updated with PeriodConverter script.

Go to the navigator and find the PeriodConverter script in your Scripts folder. Drag it on one of the generated charts. When a window pops up, go to the Inputs tab to choose the multiplier factor of your choice. If you have created a 1M timeframe to create a 20-minute timeframe, this is where you choose the multiplier value of 20. In the Common tab, make sure to check "Allow DLL imports" to make sure that the chart with a custom timeframe is updated in real time.

  1. Open your custom chart

Go to the File menu and open the "Open Offline" folder. Find your new chart with a custom timeframe and open it.

Changing timeframes, using multiple charts with customized time interval can be very beneficial for both manual and automated trading on Forex. To ensure the security, reliability, and stability of your trading system, use a Virtual Private Server (VPS) and eliminate the need for home-based trading.

VPS Forex trader creates perfect circumstances for fast, stable, and precise trading on a remote server. Securing great internet connection and continuous work of your hardware creates perfect conditions for automated trading. Use a VPS to run your MT4 and Expert Advisors with customized timeframes for a much more accurate monitoring and a far more pleasurable trading experience.

3th Aug 2020

Before acquiring a deeper knowledge of the world of trading and its intricacies, for many people, the term "day trader" has an unbreakable connection with the stock market. Often mentioned or even portrayed in numerous Hollywood movies, stock trading is not the only form of exchange for a day trader. Future trading or trading on the foreign exchange market are two gigantic trading worlds that can offer a safer, more reliable experience for a beginner trader.

To find some success in trading, focusing on one of the markets is great for building up knowledge and practicing without the overload of information and distractions. Different markets have different requirements. The foreign exchange market (Forex) is usually the only available starting point for a beginner trader, but is Forex trading better than trading on the alternative markets?

Day trading on the glorified stock market is often unaccessible for many beginner traders. If you want to start a career in stock trading, you need a minimum starting capital of $25,000. It is quite rare for a lot of newcomers to have such amount of money for trading, and a slightly bigger capital is recommended to have a better chance at a respectable profit. The stock market is open from 9:30 AM to 4 PM ET, but it is also possible to execute trades before the opening in the so-called pre-market. The best time to trade shares is at the start and the end of the market hours and there is an incredible amount of stocks you can trade. A lot of intermediate traders chose to trade the same stock every day, closely following the activities and success chance of the publicly-traded company. Experienced, advanced traders focus on high-interest stocks, but this strategy requires an incredible amount of research and experience. Starting off your trading career with the stock market is not recommended, because it a large minimum capital and can be very unforgiving for inexperienced traders.

Trading futures is a great middle-ground because it does not have a required minimum capital. Your starting capital can be as little as $3,000, but just like with any form of day trading, a bigger capital allows you to be more flexible in your decisions. Many future traders solely focus on one futures contract after gathering a lot of information and knowledge while trading it. Riskier future traders pay closer attention to futures that show significant signs of growth. Future trading can be a great alternative to stock trading for intermediate traders with capital less than $25,000.

Trading on Forex is a great learning experience for a beginner trader. A minimal starting capital is only $500, which is great for learning the fundamentals and tinkering with various trading strategies. Trades on the foreign exchange market are executed 24/7. Some hours are better for trading, but continuous execution of trades creates some great opportunities for automation. More than 70% of Forex trades automated. Setting up a unique trading system with algorithmic automation can be both a great source of income and a tool to practice and learn more about the tendencies of the market. Beginner traders should stick with trading the most stable currencies which have an abundance of trades, creating enough movement in the market.

The foreign exchange market is the best place for beginners to start their trading careers. Many tools can be utilized to increase the speed, precision, and security of a trading system. Virtual Private Servers (VPS), are often used to base Forex trading software on a partition of a powerful server with a great internet connection. VPS Forex Trader offers these services to many traders since 2011. By eliminating the failure chance created by power outages, bad hardware, or a poor internet connection, clients choose the best location and parameters of a rented server, which they can monitor with an electronic device from any location in the world. Trading on Forex is not only beginner-friendly but also the most comfortable way to have a trading career. Algorithmic automation does the majority of the heavy lifting on your trading platform, while you can use your phone or a laptop to access and monitor the activity of your platform and make adjustments if the need arises. Thanks to VPS Forex Trader and other hosting providers. trading on the foreign exchange market has never been so enjoyable.

3th Aug 2020

Forex is a very and intriguing place for beginners to experience the world of trading through the exchange of currencies. Diving into the complex and influential world on the foreign exchange market can be exciting, but a dedicated trader uses the gathered knowledge to create a sustainable living or at least a nice side income on Forex.

Despite the accumulated knowledge of the market, a trader has to sort out and take care of the technical side of trading. Before jumping into trading on Forex, choose a proper device for your trading.

To add versatility and mobility to a trader's life, most forex brokers have great platforms on iOS and Android. But cramming all the information into a tiny screen can be confusing and counterproductive for a beginner. Accessing your trading via phone might be good for the maintenance of your trading platform is not a substitute for trading on a computer. Forex trading on a Mac may not be supported by all software, but it is still possible to create a very successful trading platform.

The main platform used for Forex trading is MetaTrader by MetaQuotes Software, and it only runs on Windows-based OS. Surprisingly, alternative versions of the most popular trading system have not been created for Mac OS or Linux, but there are ways to bypass this obstacle.

PlayOnMac is a free compatibility layer for Mac OS that allows the usage of apps designed to run on Windows OS. Thanks to this program, you can download Wine or Parallels - the software providing virtualization of hardware for Mac computers.

However, the virtualization of Windows OS on a Mac often has many flaws and unexpected bugs, limiting the usage of the most powerful MetaTrader tools, such as Expert Advisors (EA). About 75% of trading on Forex is automated. In such a big market filled with algorithmic automatic, it is quite unrealistic to earn a respectable profit without utilizing EA's for automated trading.

Even the brokers with a functional version of MetaTrader for Mac are not always accessible to everyone around the world. MetaTrader for desktop can be a decent alternative for a beginner trader trying to grasp and learn all the intricacies of the foreign exchange market, but for an intermediate or an advanced trader, MetaTrader for desktop loses some valuable functions which can be an important part of a great trading platform.

To avoid the limitations of a MAC or any other device used for trading, most of the traders on Forex use a Virtual Private Server (VPS). The abundance of VPS proves that the demand for a service among the trading community is very high. Instead of creating a trading platform on your home or office computer, you base your trading software on an extra safe, fast, and reliable partition of a remote server.

VPS Forex Trader offers to host services to traders since April 2011. High emphasis on customer support allows traders to choose and modify the parameters of their VPS plan. With servers in New York, Amsterdam, and Vilnius, a trader can choose a VPS that is closest to the server of a broker, further maximizing the precision and stability of the trading platform. You can use any device to access your VPS without worrying about any technical limitations. Connect to your partition of a powerful remote server from any device and location with an internet connection, and you will be set for success in the world of Forex trading.

1th Jul 2020

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a great hosting service utilized in many fields where a powerful partition of a remote server is required. Nobody runs websites from a home computer - that is extremely unreliable. A VPS is also a popular tool in the world of Forex trading. Because the new age of trading on the foreign exchange market heavily relies on automation (75% of executed trades on Forex are automated), just as if you were hosting a website, stability and continuous uptime should be your priority.

Forex VPS servers are in demand for beginner and experienced traders alike. The exploitation of this powerful tool for Forex trading is priceless in such a competitive automated market. No matter how powerful your home or office PC might be, running your MetaTrader 4 (MT4) or any other software from the comfort of your own home is never a good idea. Algorithmic automation with the use of Expert Advisors (EA), trade copying, and other programs require 99.9% uptime. A VPS allows traders to base and organize their trading systems on a remote partition of a powerful server, with high internet speed, adjustable technical parameters, protection from power outages, and the location of your choice. Furthermore, the latter plays a significant role in the quality of your VPS. Today we will take a quick look at the best locations of a VPS, where cheap Forex VPS servers are located and why you should avoid them.

When choosing the location of your remote server, a great internet connection and finding the server that is the closest to the server of your broker is very important. Amsterdam is one of the most popular hosting locations in the world, thanks to a fast and stable network in the country. For website hosting, it is recommended to remain in the location where the majority of your visitors come from. For Forex trading, a server that is close to the server of your broker is what you should look for in a VPS. Cheap Forex VPS servers are located in countries that do not meet these criteria. There are also cases like the United Kingdom, where VPS hosting service might meet these standards, but the relationship between the price and the quality of service.

As an example, the VPS Forex trader is a great host of Virtual Private servers designed for Forex trading. This service offers highly customizable servers with 3 comfortable locations - New York, Amsterdam, and Vilnius. These are the main cities that are known as perfect locations for many broker servers, as well as great, highly-developed internet. Choosing the right location for your trading software can reduce the slippage and delay of your trades, making your trading strategy much more accurate and effective.

1th Jul 2020

Metatrader 4 (MT4) is the most popular Forex trading platform. It is the main tool for people to start their careers in the foreign exchange market. MT4 receives a lot of praise because the platform is easy to learn and use for simple beginner trading, but can also be used for advanced and even automatic trading with the help of Expert Advisors (EA).

As a beginner, one may grasp the basics of trading with MT4 very quickly, but real problems start to surface when unexpected errors, instability, and freezing occurs. Technical difficulties can be noticed by beginners trying to tinker with many of MT4 features, as well as intermediate traders running too many processes at once.

When a trader tries to execute a specific trading strategy, it is not usual for them to face some technical difficulties. When those are resolved, proper implementation of tools available on MT4 allows traders to make a profit on Forex. Here are the reasons why your trading software might be frozen and what can you do about it:

The usage of charts is very common for a Forex trader. Robots and marks make them even more valuable, adding the right information on your screen that can help you achieve the task at hand. However, there are cases when these powerful additions have an error in their code. A quick restart of MT4 sometimes resolves this issue, but if the software keeps freezing, the indicator might be the cause of your problem. If MT4 gets frozen right before your intervention, delete the folder containing your chart indicator or robot and try running the software once again.

When you decide to take your forex trading into the next level, the power of your hardware can play a big role in the functionality of your trading platform. Opening too many charts at the same time, as well as having charts with multiple robots or indicators can be too overwhelming for your computer memory. Changing the number of charts displayed (Tools - Charts - Max bars in chart) makes MT4 much more stable and manageable. Restart your trading platform to see if the issue has resolved. In some cases, computers do not have enough memory to run MT4 or the software has not been turned off for ages. Try restarting your MT4 to see if that is the case. Some traders also run Expert Advisors for automated trading, making the need for a more powerful hardware a necessity. If closing and opening your MT4 does not help solve this problem, try using a Virtual Private Server (VPS) for your Forex trading. VPS Forex trader offers affordable hosting for many traders trying to advance their careers. Individual server partitions with customizable locations, memory, RAM, and an operating system allow you to get a VPS powerful enough for the smooth functioning of your trading system. Using MT4 and many of its tools with a VPS is a far more efficient and reliable process.

5th Jun 2020

In the world of Forex trading, even an expert cannot successfully trade without the right tools at their disposal. Because all trading operations are executed through computers with an internet connection, a good computer becomes one of the tools that are necessary for success. A better device will not show many improvements in your trades if you are an inexperienced trader. The quality of a computer affects the smoothness and precision of your trading system.

Running trading platforms and expert advisors (EA) uses a lot of resources, so your trading laptop must be strong enough to execute the required tasks and smoothly run your trading platform. The most popular trading platform is MetaTrader 4 (MT4), which can also utilize EAs for automated trading. Because this platform does not require a lot of power, you can run it on a dual-core processor with 512 MB RAM, but going for 1 or 2 GB is recommended. Of course, the utilization of various tools can increase the necessary system requirements.

It is worth to say that internet speed is a far more important factor when trading on Forex. Finding a device that is durable, reliable, and cost-effective can make your life a lot easier, but only a better internet connection will increase the precision of your executed trades - a trait that has nothing to do with the laptop you are using. When it comes to finding a great laptop for trading, the more power you can get, the smoother your trading experience will be. Trading platforms can take a toll on your laptop. With all the necessary tools deployed, your trading system can end up utilizing a lot more of the power than you might expect.

The display, the size, and weight of the computer are physical features of a laptop that sometimes get overlooked. These parameters are very unique because they tend to differ when taking into account the preferences of a trader. Laptops with a great display provide an unappreciated level of comfort. Some might prefer bigger laptops for more working space, while others utilize the simplicity and mobility of a small laptop. Choosing the right priorities for yourself can bring additional joy to the trading experience. If you are a trader that loves to work from home or an office, a bigger, more powerful device is what you need to utilize all the intricacies of your trading system. Traders that love to stay on their feet and travel prefer a device that brings enough comfort and peace of mind when trading on the go.

There are many cases where traders that find themselves in a difficult financial situation cannot afford a good enough laptop for their trading operations. Fortunately, there is a solution that will not only eliminate the need for a more powerful device but will also solve the problem of poor internet connection. Because the majority of Forex trading is automated, the proper functionality of EAs depends on stability and fast internet connection. Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are the most effective tools in the world of trading. By utilizing Forex VPS, a trader can run their EAs on a partition of a remote server with separate but customizable system requirements. VPS Forex trader provides Forex VPS services for many traders around the world. A client simply chooses the location of the desired server (it is recommended to search for a server that is closest to your broker), as well as system requirements, for a monthly fee. VPS Forex trader eliminates the need for a good laptop for trading and places a bigger emphasis on automation and you can try Free Forex VPS. A good EA needs a 24/7 uptime and a fast internet connection, and these are the main advantages that a VPS brings to the table.

5th Jun 2020

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a great tool used by many Forex traders worldwide. Forex VPS services create the perfect environment for trading by eliminating all the inconveniences of working from home or in an office. For a monthly fee, a trader can utilize an independent, individual partition of a server to maximize the efficiency, safety, and precision of executed trades. The majority of forex trading is automated, and a VPS is a superb asset which allows your expert advisors (EA) to trade without any interruptions. If you are running your MetaTrader 4 (MT4) or any other trading platform from the comfort of your home, an inferior internet speed, poor security, and a threat of unexpected power outages significantly reduce your chances of earning a profit. The benefits of Forex VPS make it a necessity in the world of trading.

To make the best use of this amazing service, one must know how Forex VPS works. The whole system is separated into entities that are connected to the internet. The trader uses the internet connection to get access to both the rented VPS and the MT4 server of your broker. Forex VPS service allows the transfer of your EAs into your VPS, which allows ceaseless trading. Because a Virtual Private Server is well protected from physical and digital security breaches, as well as power outages, the sole entity that is executing your trades will be guaranteed a 24/7 uptime. Automated trading of EAs keep sending orders to the broker's server, and you can monitor your system through your trading account with your PC or any other device, as long as it has an internet connection. When a trader is running their EAs on a home PC, maintaining a fast, stable, and reliable connection is not easy. Forex VPS provides the necessary stability you require to earn a profit on the foreign exchange market. Choosing the right VPS with required specifications shows the beauty of algorithmic trading. Properly tuned EAs need precise and stable execution, and that is exactly what Forex VPS can provide.

For beginner traders, opting for Forex VPS hosting might be an unreasonable choice. To utilize this powerful tool, one must first gather the necessary knowledge to earn its first profit. Without some experience, a trader is much more prone to suffering losses due to incompetence. In this case, using Forex VPS is simply out of the question. This tool helps to increase the precision of executed trades, which is crucial when the magnitude of them is far greater. When the trader has some experience under his belt, implementing EAs into an affordable VPS is an important step to progress your trading career.

VPS Forex Trader provides great hosting services for traders since April 2011. With the emphasis on great customer support and both affordable and customizable plans, VPS Forex Trader offers the perfect conditions for your EAs. With the severs in New York, Amsterdam, and Vilnius, a trader can select the server of their choice to get a closer location to the broker's server and maximize the precision of executed trades. 75% of trades on Forex are automated, and Forex VPS gives you the necessary conditions to thrive.

6th May 2020

It is safe to say that trading on the foreign exchange market has undergone some drastic changes over the last few decades. When looking at the history of Forex in its entirety, we only witnessed the birth of digital trading platforms in the '90s. For many people, terminal trading was an introduction to the foreign exchange market. Fast forward to today, there are numerous trading platforms offer numerous trading options. The age of computerization has led us to a point where 3/4 of all trades are executed by not traders, but specifically designed, automated trading algorithms.

Trading platforms allow traders to gather all the necessary information to execute profitable trades. MetaTrader4 (MT4) and MetaTrader5 (MT5) are extremely popular trading platforms created by MetaQuotes Software Corp. Both of these platforms are accessible for free and are constantly utilized by traders all around the world.

For beginner traders, choosing the right trading platform can be a very confusing process. MT4 is an older platform that proved to be stable and very reliable for 15 years. MT5 is a newer platform with many powerful features, and many traders label the platform as the future of Forex trading. If you want to learn more about trading on the foreign exchange market, or maybe you want to become a trader yourself, which software do you choose? MT4 or MT5: which one is better for Forex trading?

The mobility and comfort of using MT4 are hardly surpassed by other trading platforms. The software is accessible in three different formats - you can control and monitor your trades on a browser or install MT4 on your desktop and even mobile phone. MT4 offers many unique technologies that improve trading methods and analysis of the market. The biggest advantage of MT4 is the possibility of automated trading. This platform allows you to utilize Expert Advisors (EA), which follow an algorithm designed following your trading strategy. This is an extremely powerful tool, allowing more advanced traders to automate even the most complex trading algorithms. Even the new traders which may not utilize these powerful improvements will find all the required tools for efficient trading.

MT5 is another extremely powerful trading software, often regarded as the future of all retail trading. The main benefit of this upgraded platform is MQL5 - a programming language that allows you to create unique, powerful indicators that improve the accuracy and success of your trades. You no longer have to restrict yourself to already implemented analytical tools. The freedom offered by MT5 is often preferred and loved by more advanced traders, who love to maintain greater control and gather all the necessary information for successful trading. The simplicity of MQL5 makes the creation of EA a far simpler and more rewarding task. With MT5, trading robots can utilize many trading strategies simultaneously, while accessing extremely accurate analytical data.

It is reasonable to assume that MT5 is a better trading platform because it takes a lesser toll on your trading setup and gives a wider variety of tools to the trader. That being said, the consistent popularity of MT4 should not be overlooked. This platform is often a starting point for many traders thanks to its mobility and simplicity. If you want to run your trading system on a Virtual Private Server (VPS), both platforms are supported by the VPS Forex trader. MT5 has a lot more to offer, but the comfort of MT4 makes it a fierce competitor to its successor. Choosing one platform over the other boils down to personal preference.

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6th May 2020

For Forex traders, great internet connection is one of the most underrated assets. Internet speed is often underappreciated, mainly because for many people, it is hard to notice the power of great internet, for an average person.

Trading on the foreign exchange market can be a very delicate process, requiring unusual amounts of precision. Traders that like to travel often get frustrated when traveling to underdeveloped countries, because the dip in internet speed affects the accuracy of executed trades. Every trader should have some understanding of internet speeds. But what kind of internet is great or at least sufficient enough for Forex trading?

Understanding internet speed for Forex trading boils down to two concepts: upload speed and download speed. When using the internet, your computer or another digital device keeps uploading and downloading the necessary information. High download speed is important to retrieve accurate market data, while upload speed is directly responsible for the precise execution of your trades. The slower your download speed is, the more you will be misinformed before executing a trade. A great internet connection is very important for manual Forex trading, but it is crucial for automated trading.

When trading on the foreign exchange market, you are forced to make fast decisions daily. Slow upload speed causes a delay significant enough to sabotage the success of your trades. Besides, 75% of all trading around the world today is automated. When a trading software of your choice keeps trading as instructed by your specific algorithm, slow internet drastically decreases the success chance of your trades.

When trading on Forex, try to make sure your download internet speed is at least 1mb. It is extremely important to understand that the speed presented by your internet provider can be very misleading because it only displays the maximum speed your network can achieve. Expecting such download speed at all times is unreasonable. The average speed can be as low as half of the maximum speed or even lower, so it is crucial to take these fluctuations into considerations, and, if the need arises, upgrade your internet.

To ensure accurate execution of your trades, make sure your upload internet speed is at least 500 kb. You will still encounter some frustrating delay, but it is the minimum requirement to have bearable and successful trading experience.

If you want to ensure the success of your trades, a great internet connection is a very useful tool that reduces the chance of failure. Make sure your internet speed is not lower than 1mb upload speed and 2mb download speed.

More advanced Forex traders often claim that trading at the comfort of your own home is too unreliable and risky. By utilizing a Virtual Private Server (VPS), many traders install their trading software on a remote server with an ultra-high-speed internet. By paying a monthly fee, you can utilize the VPS Forex trader for your trades. In addition, internet speed is not the only feature that will increase the success chance of your trades. Stability and security provided by the VPS Forex trader eliminate all the inconveniences related to both manual and automated trading. Your trading system will never be affected by power outages, security breaches, and unstable internet connection. If you are serious about Forex trading and want to take your career to another level, the VPS Forex trader is a great tool that will increase your chance of success.

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