4th Aug 2021

The internet is one of the greatest inventions humanity has ever created, and we can see its every field of our lives. For instance, the world of trading has undergone extreme changes with the rapid expansion of internet technologies.

If we speak about Forex trading, the digitalization of the market has begun in the 1970s. However, it took more than 20 years for the foreign exchange market to open up for individual traders. Up until then, the market was dominated by big institutions with large capital.

Online Forex trading is very different from currency exchange in the past, not only due to increased accessibility but also powerful digital trading platforms that bring great customizable tools to the table to simplify the process. MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is by far the most popular software for Forex trading that helps traders cooperate with the majority of brokers around the world. From customizable indicators to advanced algorithmic automation performed by special robots - Expert Advisors (EA), MT4 is a great all-around platform with everything a trader can ask for.

However, once we learn to operate these tools, we can see that the best individual traders have great strategies that help them maximize the capabilities of MT4. When you are dealing with other tech-savvy competitors, you will see that different tools are necessary to keep your trades fast and efficient. Virtual Private Servers (VPS) have become an inseparable part of the Forex trading experience for those who want to turn their trading hobby into a proper source of income. But what is the purpose of a VPS in Forex? Why do you need a remote server when you can perform and automate the same trades from the comfort of your own home?

Ensuring the perfect circumstances

If we, hypothetically, take two traders that optimize their traders to make perfect decisions, one of them will be at a slight disadvantage. Can you guess what is the difference between these competitors? The answer is quite simple - one of them is using a VPS to run their trading software.

Accuracy, speed, and security of executed trades are a big part of the successful Forex trading experience. These technological limitations usually make our home trading platforms slow and unstable. Once you set up one or multiple instances of your trading platforms on a remote server, you get a much faster internet connection and better locations to communicate with brokers. If you are a fan of automated trading, slow internet and potential power outages can mess up your optimized trading strategy.

Bringing freedom to the world of trading

With the proper hardware and a high level of security, experienced traders can separate themselves from their platform without negative consequences and make the necessary adjustments if the need arises. The majority of trades executed on Forex are automated because most operations depend on precision and efficiency, not intuition.

VPS Forex Trader is a great web hosting provider that specializes in creating optimal circumstances for traders on the foreign exchange market. With the best tools at your disposal, you'll have enough breathing room to improve your trading strategy and avoid unnecessary micromanagement. Rent out a VPS today and reach a new level of success in Forex!

1th Jul 2021

MetaTrader4 (MT4) has been the most popular trading platform among Forex traders for more than a decade. Even the releases of new innovative platforms and its successor MetaTrader5 (MT5) are yet to match the success of this highly customizable platform. Although MT5 provides access to other trading information and is much faster and efficient than MT4, the older platform still dominates the world of Forex trading.

However, over the years, MT4 has attracted its fair share of doubters and skeptics. The questioning of the platform's integrity often scares away interested beginners looking for an opportunity to trade on the foreign exchange market. Let's take a look at these doubts to figure out the legitimacy of MT4.


MT4 - A scam platform simulated by the brokers?

Some traders shy away from using MT4 because they believe it presents a trading environment simulated by brokers. However, the real problem lies within the lack of understanding of what the platform actually does.

MT4 is a program that opens up communication between the trader and the broker. If you are experiencing any problems or feel suspicious about getting scammed, the problem may lie in your choice of a broker. If you choose a respected, legitimate broker, you will never question the legitimacy of the platform.

So many brokers use MT4 not because it is a great tool to scam customers, but because it gives the user many customizable tools that allow us to create an individualized system for trading in the most comfortable fashion. Brokers also appreciate MT4 because of its availability and a strong stance on security


Potential MT4 problems

MT4 has been the most popular Forex trading platform for quite a while now, but it is by no means perfect. While most users appreciate the platform for its accessibility, customization, and free-of-charge use.

One of the biggest downsides of MT4 is its functionality on non-Windows operating systems. If you want to run the platform on macOS, Linux distributions, and other Unix-like OS, you'll have no choice but to use Wine to compile and run a Windows application.

Also, the functionality of MT4 can mess up after a Windows 10 OS update, forcing users to reinstall the platform and regain access to MT4 only with a new key from the developer.

Despite some difficulties, MT4 is a legitimate platform that provides traders with the best tools for each level of technical proficiency. If you find a good broker, you can even set up Expert Advisors (EA) to scale up automate a big portion of your trades.


How can I push MT4 to the limit?

If you already possess the basic trading skills, you will start to notice the minute details that can make a big difference when trading on the foreign exchange market. Great internet connection, low latency, and a location at close proximity to your broker make your trades much more precise, but that is rarely achievable from the comfort of your home. VPS Forex Trader rents Virtual Private Servers (VPS) to fulfill the needs of serious Forex traders. VPS Forex Trader creates the best circumstances to run one or multiple MT4 platforms that execute trades without much delay. Get yourself a VPS today to maximize your trading potential!

1th Jul 2021

MetaTrader4 (MT4) is the most popular electronic trading platform used by most traders on the foreign exchange market. Even with the constant development of new trading tools and the release of MetaTrader5 (MT5), MetaQuotes Software has struck gold with MT4. The platform maintains its supreme popularity and usage rate by fulfilling the needs of Forex traders with various levels of expertise.

The accessibility, familiarity, and server stability of MT4 maintain the excellence of the platform in the eyes of many traders. Easy to learn and with a lot of room for mastery, MT4 remains the recommended platform for beginner traders. With a lot of room for configuration and automation with Expert Advisors (EA), the Forex trading community shows great appreciation for the platform and its functionality.

However, MT4 skeptics keep finding ways to undermine the integrity and practicality of the platform. A highly customizable tool has been on the top of the trading game for 16 years, so it should not come as a surprise that its large user base might experience some problems. Some users have reported the poor functionality of the platform on Windows 10 OS. Let's address these problems and answer the question: does MT4 work on Windows 10?


Why MT4 stops working after Windows 10 update

The biggest concern of MT4 is the unavailability of the platform after the Windows 10 update. What exactly happens in this situation and what can traders do to restore the functionality of the platform?

After the OS update, the MT4 can become incompatible with your system. Although the problem might seem unreasonable and may highlight serious compatibility issues of MT4, the real reason for this issue is quite different.

To protect the financial and personal information of its users, MetaQuotes stores sensitive data on the hardware and OS of Forex traders. A difference of keys may restrict access to the platform because it was bound to a prior version of Windows 10. If such a problem occurs, it can affect multiple platform users. In such a case, you should receive a new activation key that will allow you to access your account after you reinstall the platform.


Make sure to check your logs for more information

Even though a Windows 10 update is the most common issue for concern you can always encounter different problems that may trouble the proper functionality of MT4. If an issue persists, do not rush to reinstall your platform again. Check your logs to identify other underlying problems.


How Forex traders should use MT4

With enough knowledge, MT4 users are eager to scale up their Forex trading operations. To make sure that the highest levels of internet speed and execution accuracy are achieved, choose a good Virtual Private Server (VPS) with Windows 10 support to boost your trading success. VPS Forex Trader provides the best VPS services dedicated to Forex traders. With the most suitable locations for minimal latency and exceptional customer support, these servers will help get the most out of MT4 and other trading tools.

2th Oct 2020

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is the best Forex trading platform in the world. Thanks to a wide selection of customizable tools, traders learn and manipulate the incoming data to create custom trading stations and use the acquired information to their advantage.

MT4 is a superb platform for beginners trying to learn the basics of trading on the foreign exchange market. Expert Advisors (EA) are a great weapon for intermediate traders that are urging to make the jump and start earning a respectable profit. Automation is the next step to making a living on Forex. MT4 creates a perfect environment for traders to analyze, experiment, and develop new trading strategies or algorithms for their EA's.

Despite its popularity, MetaTrader 4 is a platform designed for Windows OS. If you want to use MT4 with another operating system, you are likely to face some limitations. Trading on Mac requires a compatibility layer to run Windows applications.

Google Chromebooks are unique laptops and tablets with a fast and secure Chrome OS operating system. Often regarded as great alternatives to expensive laptops, Chromebooks are great backup work computers. The comfort, speed, and long-lasting battery life make it a good choice for completing productivity tasks while traveling or commuting. But can MT4 run on Chromebook?

Trading on Chromebook is only possible via the MT4 android app or a web option. These options are useful for beginners to get familiar with Forex trading. Serious traders are often unsatisfied with these limited options.

Fortunately, the majority of traders do not base trading systems on their devices. To get the most out of MT4 and its powerful tools, we suggest hosting your software on a Virtual Private Server (VPS). A VPS guarantees continuous security, stability, and trading without any interruptions, which is essential for veteran traders that rely on automated trading. Find a VPS location that is closest to your broker to guarantee the best trading conditions and access your MT4 with any electronic device, including a Chromebook. Use VPS hosting right now to build your future in Forex trading!

2th Oct 2020

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is the most popular Forex trading platform with many useful tools for advanced, technical analysis of the market. Trading on the foreign exchange market can be easy to learn, but learning the tendencies and unstable nature of the market requires proper data management.

The flexibility and a wide array of MT4 applications make it a necessity for every trader. A beginner utilizes its simple features for a better understanding of the market and visualization of essential data. More complex, powerful tools, such as Expert Advisors (EA), allow great, accomplished traders to increase the magnitude and precision of executed trades with the help of algorithmic automation.

A trader has to know the limitations of running MT4 on a computer. MT4 was designed for Windows OS, and because of it, Mac users have to bypass some obstacles to use this platform. Here's how you run MT4 on Mac OS.

To run MT4 and other Windows applications on a Mac, a user has to use compatibility layers like Wine. With it, the applications developed for Windows can be run on all Unix-based systems. Wine eliminates memory loss and ensures the clean integration of Windows applications into your Mac.

Because Wine is not always a fully stable application, Forex traders use PlayonMac – a Wine-based software to ensure a smooth, safe, and stable trading experience. With PlayonMac, Mac users get another vital component – Xquartz. This software allows the usage of the X Window System that provides the tools and protocols for the user interface. After PlayonMac installation is complete, the user updates Wine and proceeds with the basic installation of MT4.

Because home-based trading systems are fragile and unreliable, a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is used to host MT4. Thanks to a VPS, Forex traders get 24/7 uptime – a necessity for automated trading, a higher level of security, and superior internet speed. If MT4 gets installed on a VPS, it can be accessed with any electronic device – including a Mac, to execute trades or monitor automated systems. Go ahead and use a VPS for a much more successful trading experience!

3th Sep 2020

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is the most popular trading platform used on Forex. With the help of many of its tools, traders all around the world use MT4 in various circumstances and different trading systems. MetaTrader 4 is used for both home-based trading, and a much more stable, reliable base of operations - a Virtual Private Server (VPS).

With a plethora of useful tools, capable of creating unique trading systems, MT4 has great circumstances for successful automated trading. Expert Advisors and Indicators create perfect circumstances for algorithmic automation and greater perception of data.

Indicators such as pivot points and pivot lines are great tools that help us determine important turning points of the market. Forex traders use pivots to mark points of resistance and support. Pivot lines are great at determining when the value of the market has gone from bearish to bullish or the other way around.

The liquidity of the foreign exchange market makes pivots a perfect tool to use on Forex. Previous highs and lows, changing averages, trend lines, Fibonacci levels, and many other useful indicators can be used to maximize the efficiency of a customized trading system. Use pivots for far more precise and comfortable trading experience.

Despite a wide selection of useful indicators, pivots are not part of the standard MT4 toolset. This useful analysis tool has to be manually downloaded for your system. Pivots are incredible tools with many different variations. With so many different pivots, finding the best ones for your trading strategy should not be difficult.

Once you find the pivots that suit your needs, copy the files (CTRL+C) and go to the "Data" folder in your MT4. After a window pops up, go to "MQL4", and after that, open the "Indicators" folder. Paste in the copied files (CTRL+V). Restart your trading software. Once the MT4 window is open again, choose the "Insert" -> "Indicators" -> "Custom" path on your menu in the upper-right corner. Select the newly installed pivots. The indicator should appear on the chart.

Pivots are very powerful tools that are often utilized while trading on Forex. Properly customized trading systems that utilize a wide variety of powerful tools use pivots for both monitoring of the system, as well as proper algorithmic automation.

VPS Forex trader is a great VPS provider for traders. A great MT4 setup will not be profitable and effective without proper hardware and internet connection. With servers in Amsterdam, Vilnius, and New York, VPS Forex trader ensures continuous, uninterrupted trading for every system. With Expert Advisors and useful Indicators on your MT4, the stability of a VPS is the last piece that is needed for a successful and profitable trading career.

3th Sep 2020

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is the most popular platform for trading on the foreign exchange market. Continuous trading on Forex can be beginner friendly, but to earn a respectable profit, intermediate and advanced traders create unique strategies, often with the help of algorithmic automation.

The utilization of many MT4 tools makes trading on Forex very flexible and comfortable. With the help of indicators and Expert Advisors (EA), traders can vastly improve and even automate their systems. Although full automation is not recommended for the safest profitable strategies, some quality of life algorithms can have many useful implementations.

If you are the user of MT4 that often uses EA's and other incredible tools, changing timeframes might be another desirable customization for your system. Changing and using custom timeframes on MT4 can be very beneficial or even mandatory for the successful usage of many tools, and a more in-depth analysis of presented results. Change your timeframes on MT4 right now to get the biggest value out of the tools at hand. Flexibility and customization help traders build systems that are effective and comfortable to use.

As mentioned before MT4 is the best Forex trading platform with automated trading robots - Expert Advisors. Some of the best, most popular custom tools on MT4 are shared in a big community of tech-savvy traders. Because a lot of trading strategies require widely used, popular Expert Advisors, changing timeframes for their designated usage is mandatory.

MT4 toolbar allows you to choose between these default timeframes: M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1, W1, and MN. "M" stands for "minute", "H" stands for "hour", "D" is short for "Day", "W" is "week", and "MN" is short for "month". You can alternate between these timeframes if they suit your needs. However, for more detailed representation, some customization to the timeframes can be very advantageous. Create the data representation that is perfect for your Forex trading system.

MT4 does not have the option to add custom timeframes to the toolbar mentioned before. If you want to change and customize your timeframes, you can do so by following these three steps.

  1. Find the right multiplier for a rounded down timeframe

To get the timeframe you desire, we need to round it down to the nearest lower value represented on the toolbar. For example, to create a 20-minute timeframe, choose a 1M timeframe and multiply it by 20.

  1. Use the PeriodConverter Script

After we know the multiplication required for our custom timeframe, we can use the PeriodConverter script to take the default 1M chart as our input for data generation for the custom 20-minute chart. After running the script, an offline chart will be generated. The name of the chart indicates that the data is not received from your broker – it just keeps getting updated with PeriodConverter script.

Go to the navigator and find the PeriodConverter script in your Scripts folder. Drag it on one of the generated charts. When a window pops up, go to the Inputs tab to choose the multiplier factor of your choice. If you have created a 1M timeframe to create a 20-minute timeframe, this is where you choose the multiplier value of 20. In the Common tab, make sure to check "Allow DLL imports" to make sure that the chart with a custom timeframe is updated in real time.

  1. Open your custom chart

Go to the File menu and open the "Open Offline" folder. Find your new chart with a custom timeframe and open it.

Changing timeframes, using multiple charts with customized time interval can be very beneficial for both manual and automated trading on Forex. To ensure the security, reliability, and stability of your trading system, use a Virtual Private Server (VPS) and eliminate the need for home-based trading.

VPS Forex trader creates perfect circumstances for fast, stable, and precise trading on a remote server. Securing great internet connection and continuous work of your hardware creates perfect conditions for automated trading. Use a VPS to run your MT4 and Expert Advisors with customized timeframes for a much more accurate monitoring and a far more pleasurable trading experience.

3th Aug 2020

Before acquiring a deeper knowledge of the world of trading and its intricacies, for many people, the term "day trader" has an unbreakable connection with the stock market. Often mentioned or even portrayed in numerous Hollywood movies, stock trading is not the only form of exchange for a day trader. Future trading or trading on the foreign exchange market are two gigantic trading worlds that can offer a safer, more reliable experience for a beginner trader.

To find some success in trading, focusing on one of the markets is great for building up knowledge and practicing without the overload of information and distractions. Different markets have different requirements. The foreign exchange market (Forex) is usually the only available starting point for a beginner trader, but is Forex trading better than trading on the alternative markets?

Day trading on the glorified stock market is often unaccessible for many beginner traders. If you want to start a career in stock trading, you need a minimum starting capital of $25,000. It is quite rare for a lot of newcomers to have such amount of money for trading, and a slightly bigger capital is recommended to have a better chance at a respectable profit. The stock market is open from 9:30 AM to 4 PM ET, but it is also possible to execute trades before the opening in the so-called pre-market. The best time to trade shares is at the start and the end of the market hours and there is an incredible amount of stocks you can trade. A lot of intermediate traders chose to trade the same stock every day, closely following the activities and success chance of the publicly-traded company. Experienced, advanced traders focus on high-interest stocks, but this strategy requires an incredible amount of research and experience. Starting off your trading career with the stock market is not recommended, because it a large minimum capital and can be very unforgiving for inexperienced traders.

Trading futures is a great middle-ground because it does not have a required minimum capital. Your starting capital can be as little as $3,000, but just like with any form of day trading, a bigger capital allows you to be more flexible in your decisions. Many future traders solely focus on one futures contract after gathering a lot of information and knowledge while trading it. Riskier future traders pay closer attention to futures that show significant signs of growth. Future trading can be a great alternative to stock trading for intermediate traders with capital less than $25,000.

Trading on Forex is a great learning experience for a beginner trader. A minimal starting capital is only $500, which is great for learning the fundamentals and tinkering with various trading strategies. Trades on the foreign exchange market are executed 24/7. Some hours are better for trading, but continuous execution of trades creates some great opportunities for automation. More than 70% of Forex trades automated. Setting up a unique trading system with algorithmic automation can be both a great source of income and a tool to practice and learn more about the tendencies of the market. Beginner traders should stick with trading the most stable currencies which have an abundance of trades, creating enough movement in the market.

The foreign exchange market is the best place for beginners to start their trading careers. Many tools can be utilized to increase the speed, precision, and security of a trading system. Virtual Private Servers (VPS), are often used to base Forex trading software on a partition of a powerful server with a great internet connection. VPS Forex Trader offers these services to many traders since 2011. By eliminating the failure chance created by power outages, bad hardware, or a poor internet connection, clients choose the best location and parameters of a rented server, which they can monitor with an electronic device from any location in the world. Trading on Forex is not only beginner-friendly but also the most comfortable way to have a trading career. Algorithmic automation does the majority of the heavy lifting on your trading platform, while you can use your phone or a laptop to access and monitor the activity of your platform and make adjustments if the need arises. Thanks to VPS Forex Trader and other hosting providers. trading on the foreign exchange market has never been so enjoyable.

3th Aug 2020

Forex is a very and intriguing place for beginners to experience the world of trading through the exchange of currencies. Diving into the complex and influential world on the foreign exchange market can be exciting, but a dedicated trader uses the gathered knowledge to create a sustainable living or at least a nice side income on Forex.

Despite the accumulated knowledge of the market, a trader has to sort out and take care of the technical side of trading. Before jumping into trading on Forex, choose a proper device for your trading.

To add versatility and mobility to a trader's life, most forex brokers have great platforms on iOS and Android. But cramming all the information into a tiny screen can be confusing and counterproductive for a beginner. Accessing your trading via phone might be good for the maintenance of your trading platform is not a substitute for trading on a computer. Forex trading on a Mac may not be supported by all software, but it is still possible to create a very successful trading platform.

The main platform used for Forex trading is MetaTrader by MetaQuotes Software, and it only runs on Windows-based OS. Surprisingly, alternative versions of the most popular trading system have not been created for Mac OS or Linux, but there are ways to bypass this obstacle.

PlayOnMac is a free compatibility layer for Mac OS that allows the usage of apps designed to run on Windows OS. Thanks to this program, you can download Wine or Parallels - the software providing virtualization of hardware for Mac computers.

However, the virtualization of Windows OS on a Mac often has many flaws and unexpected bugs, limiting the usage of the most powerful MetaTrader tools, such as Expert Advisors (EA). About 75% of trading on Forex is automated. In such a big market filled with algorithmic automatic, it is quite unrealistic to earn a respectable profit without utilizing EA's for automated trading.

Even the brokers with a functional version of MetaTrader for Mac are not always accessible to everyone around the world. MetaTrader for desktop can be a decent alternative for a beginner trader trying to grasp and learn all the intricacies of the foreign exchange market, but for an intermediate or an advanced trader, MetaTrader for desktop loses some valuable functions which can be an important part of a great trading platform.

To avoid the limitations of a MAC or any other device used for trading, most of the traders on Forex use a Virtual Private Server (VPS). The abundance of VPS proves that the demand for a service among the trading community is very high. Instead of creating a trading platform on your home or office computer, you base your trading software on an extra safe, fast, and reliable partition of a remote server.

VPS Forex Trader offers to host services to traders since April 2011. High emphasis on customer support allows traders to choose and modify the parameters of their VPS plan. With servers in New York, Amsterdam, and Vilnius, a trader can choose a VPS that is closest to the server of a broker, further maximizing the precision and stability of the trading platform. You can use any device to access your VPS without worrying about any technical limitations. Connect to your partition of a powerful remote server from any device and location with an internet connection, and you will be set for success in the world of Forex trading.

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