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How to connect to a VPS on Linux

Thanks to the internet, anyone can start trading on the foreign exchange market. With modern customizable software, Forex, and cooperation with available brokers, you can start exchanging currency from the comfort of your own home. Testing your trading skills can be a great way to generate passive income and diversify work opportunities in the future. However, the modern trader has to possess some level of technical proficiency to compete in an easily accessible market.

Because the web creates an immensely powerful system that connects us and allows us to communicate with individuals all around the world, there are more Forex traders that trade through broker servers than ever before. Anyone can start executing their first trades in no time, but the ones that want to turn it into a living utilize both old tricks of the trade, and new technological solutions to manipulate software and achieve optimal efficiency.

Modern trading platforms like MetaTrader 4 (MT4) have revolutionized the foreign exchange market. The customizability of MT4 helps both beginner and experienced traders with adjustable data presentation, scalability, and even automation. Expert Advisors (EA) are the main game-changer, allowing us to apply algorithmic automation for to execute the most routine trades without interruption.

Traders that want to stand out in the modern Forex environment hold on to every advantage they can get. With so many talented individuals and the tools that help them achieve near excellence, the rest boils down to optimal hardware, location, and internet connection. A trader that takes all the right decisions can come up short due to latency, unexpected power outages, and other external factors.

Thankfully we can deal with these problems by incorporating Virtual Private Servers (VPS). Instead of basing the trading system on a home computer, experienced traders rent a VPS to get a portion of a protected server in a location closest to their broker. In these optimal conditions, long-term trading plans can avoid unexpected interruptions and margins of error.

Most Forex traders use Windows Operating System because it provides the best support for trading software, and a trading VPS usually comes with Windows as well. But what about Linux users? How can you connect to a VPS on your Linux distribution to keep a watchful eye on a trading system and make adjustments?


Connecting to a Windows VPS through Linux is very easy and allows you to get the best of both worlds without any OS changes. Most Linux distributions have an open-source software called Rdesktop. To establish a connection, open your terminal window, and type in the command "rdekstop", your VPS IP address, and the port followed by a semicolon.

Most Linux users understand the limitations of their OS for Forex trading and use Windows on their VPS to run MT4 or other trading software. We recommend checking out VPSForexTrader - a reliable hosting provider that offers customizable deals tailored for trading on the foreign exchange market. Just choose the most favorable location and hardware options, and you will be able to connect to your remote VPS on Linux in no time!

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