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How to set alert in Metatrader 4 mobile

Metatrader 4 (MT4) is one of the oldest electronic trading platforms that remain at peak relevancy today. Due to its easy accessibility, many features, and flexibility for individual users, old and new traders cherish MT4 and rely on it for Forex trading.

Exchanging currency on Forex can be a tricky business, and users always seek new ways to uncover advantageous strategies to magnify or simplify trading on the foreign exchange market.

MT4 accessibility on multiple electronic devices has brought a lot of leeway to the lives of persistent traders. Mobile devices help Forex traders continue managing their systems under any circumstances without sacrificing many joys of life.

Setting up alerts on MT4 mobile allows traders to maintain efficiency and precision without excessive micromanagement. Without the need to stay glued to your trading system, you can set up an alert that diverts your attention to Forex at the appropriate time. Let's discuss the common strategies for MT4 alerts and the way to set them up.


The benefits of MT4 alerts

Price action level tracking is a common strategy among traders. Once it reaches a specific interval that requires management, you can set up your alerts to notify you about the price shift.

Another valid way to use alerts is to set them up when prices reach major levels. The alarm helps you act as fast as possible and fish out great opportunities at the right time.


How to set up alerts

Once you download the MT4 mobile app and connect to your account, go straight to the settings and select "Messages". There you will find your unique MT4 ID which will allow you to sync the system between your devices. Now you will have to connect to MT4 on your PC. Click on the "Tools" header, go to "Options" and then "Notifications". Enter the ID you got from your mobile device and check the box to enable push notifications.

If you've done everything correctly, pressing the "Test" button should send a notification to your mobile phone. Once this part is taken care of, we can start specific alerts that suit your needs.

Now, go to the MT4 terminal on your PC and visit the "Alerts" section. By clicking the header, you will open a window. Right-click it and select "create". There you will be presented with various options: alert conditions, symbols, and a displayed message. Press the test button to check if your alert comes through, and you're all set!

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