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How to add indicators to MT4 Android?

Metatrader 4 (MT4) is the most popular trading platform that offers superb availability for most electronic devices. Beginner-friendly usage and many customizable features have helped maintain the popularity of MT4 for 16 years. Even with the release of its successor, Metatrader 5 (MT5), the platform has remained a beloved tool for traders in the foreign exchange market.

Beginner traders study, analyze, and experiment with MT4 tools to create the most comfortable and reliable trading station. However, once we take Forex trading to the next level, advanced users seek out any possible advantages to get over the hump and turn this dynamic hobby into their primary source of income. While there are many successful strategies that help attentive traders reach their goals, most of them use Expert Advisors (EA) to automate the safest trades while keeping a watchful eye and manual control on other processes.

Because most Forex brokers use MT4 on their websites, an abundance of necessary features gives traders complete freedom over their decisions. Once a user becomes heavily invested in the foreign exchange market, the tools that improve and simplify the process of trading are irreplaceable. When traders scale up their operations, it becomes a necessity to keep an eye on their system at all times. Because of it, a demand to have MT4 on other electronic devices has brought the platform to mobile phones.

In this article, we will discuss the MT4 app on android, or more specifically, how can you add indicators to the platform on your mobile phone. The most successful traders keep a watchful eye on their trading platforms, so having an access to MT4 in your pocket helps them make the right adjustments on the fly and steer the ship in the right direction.

Easy access to indicators

Once you have a graph displayed on your android phone screen, all you need to do is click on the "f" icon on the menu. When you tap on the "f+" icon next to your chosen chart, you will be able to choose from default indicators available on the app and calibrate your preferences. When you are happy with your results, click "done" and you are good to go!

Unfortunate limitations

Unlike with the highly customizable software you run on your computer, you cannot download and use custom indicators in MT4 for android. Still, the app should not be used as your main platform for trading but a great tool that grants you access to your Forex trades when computers are unavailable.

Other ways to improve Forex trading

While most beginner traders like to run their MT4 from the comfort of their own homes, serious players rent out Virtual Private Servers (VPS) to get an advantage over the competition. VPS Forex Trader is a popular server provider that creates the perfect conditions to run MT4 successfully. With locations close to Forex brokers and a much faster internet connection, VPS Forex Trader provides all the necessary resources to make your trades far more efficient, and you can access your server with an electronic device to make the necessary adjustments. Use a VPS now and take your trading career to the next level!

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