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Does MT4 work on Windows 10

MetaTrader4 (MT4) is the most popular electronic trading platform used by most traders on the foreign exchange market. Even with the constant development of new trading tools and the release of MetaTrader5 (MT5), MetaQuotes Software has struck gold with MT4. The platform maintains its supreme popularity and usage rate by fulfilling the needs of Forex traders with various levels of expertise.

The accessibility, familiarity, and server stability of MT4 maintain the excellence of the platform in the eyes of many traders. Easy to learn and with a lot of room for mastery, MT4 remains the recommended platform for beginner traders. With a lot of room for configuration and automation with Expert Advisors (EA), the Forex trading community shows great appreciation for the platform and its functionality.

However, MT4 skeptics keep finding ways to undermine the integrity and practicality of the platform. A highly customizable tool has been on the top of the trading game for 16 years, so it should not come as a surprise that its large user base might experience some problems. Some users have reported the poor functionality of the platform on Windows 10 OS. Let's address these problems and answer the question: does MT4 work on Windows 10?


Why MT4 stops working after Windows 10 update

The biggest concern of MT4 is the unavailability of the platform after the Windows 10 update. What exactly happens in this situation and what can traders do to restore the functionality of the platform?

After the OS update, the MT4 can become incompatible with your system. Although the problem might seem unreasonable and may highlight serious compatibility issues of MT4, the real reason for this issue is quite different.

To protect the financial and personal information of its users, MetaQuotes stores sensitive data on the hardware and OS of Forex traders. A difference of keys may restrict access to the platform because it was bound to a prior version of Windows 10. If such a problem occurs, it can affect multiple platform users. In such a case, you should receive a new activation key that will allow you to access your account after you reinstall the platform.


Make sure to check your logs for more information

Even though a Windows 10 update is the most common issue for concern you can always encounter different problems that may trouble the proper functionality of MT4. If an issue persists, do not rush to reinstall your platform again. Check your logs to identify other underlying problems.


How Forex traders should use MT4

With enough knowledge, MT4 users are eager to scale up their Forex trading operations. To make sure that the highest levels of internet speed and execution accuracy are achieved, choose a good Virtual Private Server (VPS) with Windows 10 support to boost your trading success. VPS Forex Trader provides the best VPS services dedicated to Forex traders. With the most suitable locations for minimal latency and exceptional customer support, these servers will help get the most out of MT4 and other trading tools.

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