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What should you do when MetaTrader 4 gets frozen?

Metatrader 4 (MT4) is the most popular Forex trading platform. It is the main tool for people to start their careers in the foreign exchange market. MT4 receives a lot of praise because the platform is easy to learn and use for simple beginner trading, but can also be used for advanced and even automatic trading with the help of Expert Advisors (EA).

As a beginner, one may grasp the basics of trading with MT4 very quickly, but real problems start to surface when unexpected errors, instability, and freezing occurs. Technical difficulties can be noticed by beginners trying to tinker with many of MT4 features, as well as intermediate traders running too many processes at once.

When a trader tries to execute a specific trading strategy, it is not usual for them to face some technical difficulties. When those are resolved, proper implementation of tools available on MT4 allows traders to make a profit on Forex. Here are the reasons why your trading software might be frozen and what can you do about it:

The usage of charts is very common for a Forex trader. Robots and marks make them even more valuable, adding the right information on your screen that can help you achieve the task at hand. However, there are cases when these powerful additions have an error in their code. A quick restart of MT4 sometimes resolves this issue, but if the software keeps freezing, the indicator might be the cause of your problem. If MT4 gets frozen right before your intervention, delete the folder containing your chart indicator or robot and try running the software once again.

When you decide to take your forex trading into the next level, the power of your hardware can play a big role in the functionality of your trading platform. Opening too many charts at the same time, as well as having charts with multiple robots or indicators can be too overwhelming for your computer memory. Changing the number of charts displayed (Tools - Charts - Max bars in chart) makes MT4 much more stable and manageable. Restart your trading platform to see if the issue has resolved. In some cases, computers do not have enough memory to run MT4 or the software has not been turned off for ages. Try restarting your MT4 to see if that is the case. Some traders also run Expert Advisors for automated trading, making the need for a more powerful hardware a necessity. If closing and opening your MT4 does not help solve this problem, try using a Virtual Private Server (VPS) for your Forex trading. VPS Forex trader offers affordable hosting for many traders trying to advance their careers. Individual server partitions with customizable locations, memory, RAM, and an operating system allow you to get a VPS powerful enough for the smooth functioning of your trading system. Using MT4 and many of its tools with a VPS is a far more efficient and reliable process.

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