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Which brokers use MetaTrader?

Which brokers use MetaTrader?

MetaTrader4 is a popular trading software with a comfortable customer terminal. With many powerful utilities and an easily readable interface, MetaTrader makes trading much easier. The main executable function of opening and closing your position is very easy to use. An investor can manage and control his risk by affecting stop-profit and stop-loss. MetaTrader4 has many unique drawing tools, chart options and technical indicators used to make your trading life that much easier.
Right now, many brokerage companies are utilizing and modifying MetaTrader4 to their advantage. The platforms based on MT4 sometimes have distinct features that attract traders to use the broker's platform instead of the general MetaTrader4. Here we present to you a few brokers which use MetaTrader4 and their advantages.


Pepperstone is a pretty safe broker for Forex trading. It uses a MetaTrader platform suite and offers great popular features like copying trades and automatic, algorithmic trading. The platform also has great premium features to make even bigger improvements to your MetaTrader4. Pepperstone has great customer service and great options on pricing plans. Pricing can differ depending on your choice of account. You can choose a Razor Account, which is based on commissions, or a Standard account. For intermediate traders, Pepperstone is a great choice with amazing customer support and great pricing.

Admiral Markets

Many Forex traders choose Admiral Markets as their broker. It is a safe broker which offers great investor educator and a lot of great features for your MetaTrader. You can choose from up to four account types with different fees and trading products. Commission and pricing are alike across all accounts. Admiral Markets is an agency broker that simply directs client orders to the parent company. This broker is excellent for MetaTrader due to its Supreme offering, which has mane expert advisors and extremely useful indicators. For a skilled, advanced trader, these tools can make a very big difference, but even for beginners, Admiral Markets has been chosen as one of the best Forex brokers for beginners.


This unique broker has a great, experienced community of social copy traders. This way investors can utilize those unique trader-developed strategies for their own benefit. Without this focus on copy trading, Darwinex has the full MetaTrader, but the offerings are just about average. For self-directed trading, this broker might not be your ideal choice. Its main attractions are the best trader community and many unique social trading features.

MetaTrader itself is not a broker, but a very popular program which allows you to connect to any broker. For safer, more reliable trading, we suggest using VPS Forex Trader with a dedicated MetaTrader4 server. This opens the door for automation and algorithmic trading without any interruptions for a very small fee. Use VPS Forex Trader now to secure and enhance your trading system.

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