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How to get MetaTrader 4 on MAC?

How to get MetaTrader 4 on MAC

Metatrader4 Has been the most popular Forex trading platform for quite some time. Due to popular demand, MetaQuotes Software Corp. has released the mobile version of an application for an iPhone. However, many traders are still unsatisfied with the fact that there is no MetaTrader4 version for the Mac OS operating system. If you are a Mac user, it would be in your best interest to use a much more reliable VPS Forex trader. That does not mean it is not possible to get MetaTrader for this operating system, but it takes quite a few tedious steps to actually do it. Here we present you a way to get MetaTrader4 on Mac.

1. Install Wine on your Mac OS

Known for its clever acronym "Wine Is Not an Emulator", Wine is free software, which can be used by users of other operating systems to properly run an application created for Microsoft Windows. You can install Wine directly into your computer, but a more effective, user-friendly way would be to install PlayOnMac – a Wine-based software, which simplifies and installation of Windows applications on your MAC.

2. Installing PlayOnMac

You can install PlayOnMac by visiting the official website and downloading the latest version of the application. It is easy to install, free to use, and most importantly – does not require a Windows license.

After downloading this DMG package, you'll be able to launch the bundle from the Downloads section of your Mac OS. Your first launcher window will be the installer. When you proceed with your installation, you'll be required to install XQuartz if you haven’t already done that. XQuartz allows proper usage of the X Window System on your OS. This way you'll have all the needed tools to create the proper user interface on Mac OS. After following all the instructions of the installation, you'll be asked to reboot your PC to activate the changes. You can avoid this step if you already have Xquartz.

When you launch the PlayonMac setup file again, you’ll be offered to install Microsoft fonts, which are necessary for MetaTrader4 to work properly. When the installation is complete, your main window should look like this:

3. Update your Wine (optional)

Although there is a version of Wine on your computer, unless you downloaded it from the main website, you might need to update your version. You can do it on PlayOnMac by choosing to select Manage Wine Versions on your upper menu.

Seek out the most stable version of the software containing as many improvements and bugfixes. To make sure your system is stable. After a quick installation, the new version of Wine will be visible on the left part of the PlayonMac window.

4. Install your MetaTrader4

To finally install your MetaTrader4, download the “mt4setup.exe” installer. After you launch it, PlayOnMac will be automatically open your installation. Follow the standard installation process for a MetaTrader4 terminal. After you complete your installation, you’ll be allowed to create shortcuts for your terminal components.

Create the shortcuts you need and the work is done! Your MetaTrader4 terminal will be available for launch through your PlayOnMac window.

Disadvantages and potential issues

Although versions are constantly getting updated, Wine still cannot be called a fully stable software. Some functions of the terminal can be unavailable or won't execute their task properly. Installing and using MetaTrader4 on Mac OS can be difficult, so you might want to go for a VPS Forex trader.

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