7th Oct 2021

Information technologies have revolutionized trading on the foreign exchange market. Thanks to the internet, we have a lot more Forex traders that make the process more dynamic and competitive.

Today, Forex trading requires a lot more technical proficiency. Because technology allows us to automate and execute different tasks with higher precision, a trader has more opportunities to develop various strategies with a lesser margin of error. Maximizing the efficiency of technical aspects will improve your accuracy and minimize your reliance on luck.

What makes modern Forex trading so attractive are digital platforms that provide the ability to visualize, analyze data and make decisions from the comfort of your own home. With adjusted apps for phones and other smart devices, experienced traders can monitor and manage their source of income from any location with an internet connection.

In this article, we will talk about MetaTrader 4 (MT4) - the platform developed by MetaQuotes Software Corp. in 2005. Even with new alternatives popping up, it remains the most popular trading platform in the world.

What makes MT4 so exceptional is simplicity for beginner users and customizability for experienced traders. With different ways to visualize and manipulate data, users can utilize Expert Advisors (EA) - automated bots that follow your instructions and execute trades based on a customizable algorithm. But one of the biggest advantages that come with trading platforms is the potential for increased scalability. This begs the question: how do we install and open multiple instances of MT4?


How do you set up multiple instances of MT4?

The linear process of running multiple instances of MT4 might surprise you with its simplicity. To increase the scalability of your trading platform, all you need to do is install the software multiple times. It's that simple!

To get the desired number of instances, we recommend choosing a common folder and then choosing numerated subfolders as directories for installations. Segmentation will help you avoid confusion, and you will not overwrite other instances by accident. Keep installing MT4 until you have as many instances as you want, and that is it! Now you can open multiple windows to expand your trading strategy. For further comfort, create shortcuts with unique names to avoid running the same platform by accident.

Apart from scalability, having multiple instances of MT4 has other advantages. You can utilize every window to only display relevant information and organize hardware memory usage.

When you reach the level of trading where external factors start to make a difference, there is a lot of minute details that can sabotage your operation even if the decision-making is perfect. That is why experienced traders rent out Virtual Private Servers (VPS). VPS Forex Trader is a popular hosting provider that helps traders eliminate technical limitations: Internet speed, inferior hardware, instability (caused by a power outage, or other factors). With a VPS, you can choose a server location that is close to your broker to establish a faster connection and make your trading platform as safe as efficient as possible. You can create multiple instances of MT4 on a remote server to maximize the tools at your disposal!

3th Sep 2021

In the past couple of decades, the rapid development of information technologies has made the foreign exchange market easily accessible for interested individuals all around the world. Forex brokers provide comfortable partnership opportunities through various trading terminals. The development of such software eliminates gatekeeping and opens the Foreign Exchange market to new, ambitious traders.

But a much larger scale of the market also makes it much more competitive. With varying resources, tech-savvy traders find new ways to manipulate technology to create various advantages.

Metatrader 4 (MT4) is a prime example of trading software that offers great customizable features for its users. Even if the platform is already pretty ancient when compared to modern trading terminals, MT4 is a perfect starting point for beginner traders, and a wide variety of tools offers many alternative routes to individual mastery.

Modern trading platforms make trading incredibly convenient. From the comfort of your own home, you can track price levels and have updated visual information without the need to overload your brain. Once you start analyzing and tinkering with the available tools, the brilliance of algorithmic automation opens a whole new world of possibilities. In the case of MT4, powerful robots called Expert Advisors (EA) are used by experienced traders to automate repetitive but important trades.

Of course, with so much information available at our fingertips, the most persistent traders display incredible skill by setting up efficient trading strategies. When the competition between the best traders is so fierce, micromanagement and even the slightest changes in hardware and internet connection make a big difference in Forex trading.

In this article, we will talk about Virtual Private Servers (VPS). This hosting service is highly demanded by Forex traders because it helps them choose the perfect circumstances and parameters for a required server. InterServer hosting is a valuable option to set up your trading platform on a VPS.


Although InterServer primarily hosts open-source templates, you can also choose a Windows VPS to successfully run trading platforms like MT4. Other server parameters depend on different factors. If you want to run multiple terminals for your platform, it would be wise to rent a server with more CPU cores, RAM, and storage.


A location is a unique defining factor in choosing an InterServer VPS for Forex trading. To maximize the speed and accuracy of executed trades, the location of your host needs to be in close proximity to your broker. When the margin of error is minimized, the correct decisions of a trader yield far greater results.

By using an InterServer VPS, you get accessibility and security. Such servers are safe from power outages and cybercrimes, unlike trading systems based on home computers. You can connect to your server via any electronic device to micromanage your system while benefiting from hardware and internet speed perks. Virtual private servers that specialize in creating perfect circumstances for Forex traders are in high demand. You can explore alternative hosts like VPSForexTrader to find different locations and parameters to suit your trading needs. However, InterServer VPS is one of the top hosting providers for Forex traders. Once you get access to your remote server, establish a remote desktop connection, and enjoy your VPS and its perks!

3th Sep 2021

Metatrader 4 (MT4) is one of the oldest electronic trading platforms that remain at peak relevancy today. Due to its easy accessibility, many features, and flexibility for individual users, old and new traders cherish MT4 and rely on it for Forex trading.

Exchanging currency on Forex can be a tricky business, and users always seek new ways to uncover advantageous strategies to magnify or simplify trading on the foreign exchange market.

MT4 accessibility on multiple electronic devices has brought a lot of leeway to the lives of persistent traders. Mobile devices help Forex traders continue managing their systems under any circumstances without sacrificing many joys of life.

Setting up alerts on MT4 mobile allows traders to maintain efficiency and precision without excessive micromanagement. Without the need to stay glued to your trading system, you can set up an alert that diverts your attention to Forex at the appropriate time. Let's discuss the common strategies for MT4 alerts and the way to set them up.


The benefits of MT4 alerts

Price action level tracking is a common strategy among traders. Once it reaches a specific interval that requires management, you can set up your alerts to notify you about the price shift.

Another valid way to use alerts is to set them up when prices reach major levels. The alarm helps you act as fast as possible and fish out great opportunities at the right time.


How to set up alerts

Once you download the MT4 mobile app and connect to your account, go straight to the settings and select "Messages". There you will find your unique MT4 ID which will allow you to sync the system between your devices. Now you will have to connect to MT4 on your PC. Click on the "Tools" header, go to "Options" and then "Notifications". Enter the ID you got from your mobile device and check the box to enable push notifications.

If you've done everything correctly, pressing the "Test" button should send a notification to your mobile phone. Once this part is taken care of, we can start specific alerts that suit your needs.

Now, go to the MT4 terminal on your PC and visit the "Alerts" section. By clicking the header, you will open a window. Right-click it and select "create". There you will be presented with various options: alert conditions, symbols, and a displayed message. Press the test button to check if your alert comes through, and you're all set!

While micromanagement is a blessing in the world of trading, your effort may not be enough. Subpar internet speed can sabotage your trades, even if you make the right decisions. That is why experienced traders use Virtual Private Servers (VPS). VPSForexTrader is a popular hosting provider that creates perfect circumstances for Forex trading. Once you station your MT4 on a VPS instead of your PC, you can get mobile alerts from servers with the best locations for trading on the foreign exchange market. Once you use a VPS, mobile alerts will help you make much sharper decisions. Happy trading!

4th Aug 2021

Metatrader 4 (MT4) is the most popular trading platform that offers superb availability for most electronic devices. Beginner-friendly usage and many customizable features have helped maintain the popularity of MT4 for 16 years. Even with the release of its successor, Metatrader 5 (MT5), the platform has remained a beloved tool for traders in the foreign exchange market.

Beginner traders study, analyze, and experiment with MT4 tools to create the most comfortable and reliable trading station. However, once we take Forex trading to the next level, advanced users seek out any possible advantages to get over the hump and turn this dynamic hobby into their primary source of income. While there are many successful strategies that help attentive traders reach their goals, most of them use Expert Advisors (EA) to automate the safest trades while keeping a watchful eye and manual control on other processes.

Because most Forex brokers use MT4 on their websites, an abundance of necessary features gives traders complete freedom over their decisions. Once a user becomes heavily invested in the foreign exchange market, the tools that improve and simplify the process of trading are irreplaceable. When traders scale up their operations, it becomes a necessity to keep an eye on their system at all times. Because of it, a demand to have MT4 on other electronic devices has brought the platform to mobile phones.

In this article, we will discuss the MT4 app on android, or more specifically, how can you add indicators to the platform on your mobile phone. The most successful traders keep a watchful eye on their trading platforms, so having an access to MT4 in your pocket helps them make the right adjustments on the fly and steer the ship in the right direction.

Easy access to indicators

Once you have a graph displayed on your android phone screen, all you need to do is click on the "f" icon on the menu. When you tap on the "f+" icon next to your chosen chart, you will be able to choose from default indicators available on the app and calibrate your preferences. When you are happy with your results, click "done" and you are good to go!

Unfortunate limitations

Unlike with the highly customizable software you run on your computer, you cannot download and use custom indicators in MT4 for android. Still, the app should not be used as your main platform for trading but a great tool that grants you access to your Forex trades when computers are unavailable.

Other ways to improve Forex trading

While most beginner traders like to run their MT4 from the comfort of their own homes, serious players rent out Virtual Private Servers (VPS) to get an advantage over the competition. VPS Forex Trader is a popular server provider that creates the perfect conditions to run MT4 successfully. With locations close to Forex brokers and a much faster internet connection, VPS Forex Trader provides all the necessary resources to make your trades far more efficient, and you can access your server with an electronic device to make the necessary adjustments. Use a VPS now and take your trading career to the next level!

4th Aug 2021

The internet is one of the greatest inventions humanity has ever created, and we can see its every field of our lives. For instance, the world of trading has undergone extreme changes with the rapid expansion of internet technologies.

If we speak about Forex trading, the digitalization of the market has begun in the 1970s. However, it took more than 20 years for the foreign exchange market to open up for individual traders. Up until then, the market was dominated by big institutions with large capital.

Online Forex trading is very different from currency exchange in the past, not only due to increased accessibility but also powerful digital trading platforms that bring great customizable tools to the table to simplify the process. MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is by far the most popular software for Forex trading that helps traders cooperate with the majority of brokers around the world. From customizable indicators to advanced algorithmic automation performed by special robots - Expert Advisors (EA), MT4 is a great all-around platform with everything a trader can ask for.

However, once we learn to operate these tools, we can see that the best individual traders have great strategies that help them maximize the capabilities of MT4. When you are dealing with other tech-savvy competitors, you will see that different tools are necessary to keep your trades fast and efficient. Virtual Private Servers (VPS) have become an inseparable part of the Forex trading experience for those who want to turn their trading hobby into a proper source of income. But what is the purpose of a VPS in Forex? Why do you need a remote server when you can perform and automate the same trades from the comfort of your own home?

Ensuring the perfect circumstances

If we, hypothetically, take two traders that optimize their traders to make perfect decisions, one of them will be at a slight disadvantage. Can you guess what is the difference between these competitors? The answer is quite simple - one of them is using a VPS to run their trading software.

Accuracy, speed, and security of executed trades are a big part of the successful Forex trading experience. These technological limitations usually make our home trading platforms slow and unstable. Once you set up one or multiple instances of your trading platforms on a remote server, you get a much faster internet connection and better locations to communicate with brokers. If you are a fan of automated trading, slow internet and potential power outages can mess up your optimized trading strategy.

Bringing freedom to the world of trading

With the proper hardware and a high level of security, experienced traders can separate themselves from their platform without negative consequences and make the necessary adjustments if the need arises. The majority of trades executed on Forex are automated because most operations depend on precision and efficiency, not intuition.

VPS Forex Trader is a great web hosting provider that specializes in creating optimal circumstances for traders on the foreign exchange market. With the best tools at your disposal, you'll have enough breathing room to improve your trading strategy and avoid unnecessary micromanagement. Rent out a VPS today and reach a new level of success in Forex!

1th Jul 2021

MetaTrader4 (MT4) has been the most popular trading platform among Forex traders for more than a decade. Even the releases of new innovative platforms and its successor MetaTrader5 (MT5) are yet to match the success of this highly customizable platform. Although MT5 provides access to other trading information and is much faster and efficient than MT4, the older platform still dominates the world of Forex trading.

However, over the years, MT4 has attracted its fair share of doubters and skeptics. The questioning of the platform's integrity often scares away interested beginners looking for an opportunity to trade on the foreign exchange market. Let's take a look at these doubts to figure out the legitimacy of MT4.


MT4 - A scam platform simulated by the brokers?

Some traders shy away from using MT4 because they believe it presents a trading environment simulated by brokers. However, the real problem lies within the lack of understanding of what the platform actually does.

MT4 is a program that opens up communication between the trader and the broker. If you are experiencing any problems or feel suspicious about getting scammed, the problem may lie in your choice of a broker. If you choose a respected, legitimate broker, you will never question the legitimacy of the platform.

So many brokers use MT4 not because it is a great tool to scam customers, but because it gives the user many customizable tools that allow us to create an individualized system for trading in the most comfortable fashion. Brokers also appreciate MT4 because of its availability and a strong stance on security


Potential MT4 problems

MT4 has been the most popular Forex trading platform for quite a while now, but it is by no means perfect. While most users appreciate the platform for its accessibility, customization, and free-of-charge use.

One of the biggest downsides of MT4 is its functionality on non-Windows operating systems. If you want to run the platform on macOS, Linux distributions, and other Unix-like OS, you'll have no choice but to use Wine to compile and run a Windows application.

Also, the functionality of MT4 can mess up after a Windows 10 OS update, forcing users to reinstall the platform and regain access to MT4 only with a new key from the developer.

Despite some difficulties, MT4 is a legitimate platform that provides traders with the best tools for each level of technical proficiency. If you find a good broker, you can even set up Expert Advisors (EA) to scale up automate a big portion of your trades.


How can I push MT4 to the limit?

If you already possess the basic trading skills, you will start to notice the minute details that can make a big difference when trading on the foreign exchange market. Great internet connection, low latency, and a location at close proximity to your broker make your trades much more precise, but that is rarely achievable from the comfort of your home. VPS Forex Trader rents Virtual Private Servers (VPS) to fulfill the needs of serious Forex traders. VPS Forex Trader creates the best circumstances to run one or multiple MT4 platforms that execute trades without much delay. Get yourself a VPS today to maximize your trading potential!

1th Jul 2021

MetaTrader4 (MT4) is the most popular electronic trading platform used by most traders on the foreign exchange market. Even with the constant development of new trading tools and the release of MetaTrader5 (MT5), MetaQuotes Software has struck gold with MT4. The platform maintains its supreme popularity and usage rate by fulfilling the needs of Forex traders with various levels of expertise.

The accessibility, familiarity, and server stability of MT4 maintain the excellence of the platform in the eyes of many traders. Easy to learn and with a lot of room for mastery, MT4 remains the recommended platform for beginner traders. With a lot of room for configuration and automation with Expert Advisors (EA), the Forex trading community shows great appreciation for the platform and its functionality.

However, MT4 skeptics keep finding ways to undermine the integrity and practicality of the platform. A highly customizable tool has been on the top of the trading game for 16 years, so it should not come as a surprise that its large user base might experience some problems. Some users have reported the poor functionality of the platform on Windows 10 OS. Let's address these problems and answer the question: does MT4 work on Windows 10?


Why MT4 stops working after Windows 10 update

The biggest concern of MT4 is the unavailability of the platform after the Windows 10 update. What exactly happens in this situation and what can traders do to restore the functionality of the platform?

After the OS update, the MT4 can become incompatible with your system. Although the problem might seem unreasonable and may highlight serious compatibility issues of MT4, the real reason for this issue is quite different.

To protect the financial and personal information of its users, MetaQuotes stores sensitive data on the hardware and OS of Forex traders. A difference of keys may restrict access to the platform because it was bound to a prior version of Windows 10. If such a problem occurs, it can affect multiple platform users. In such a case, you should receive a new activation key that will allow you to access your account after you reinstall the platform.


Make sure to check your logs for more information

Even though a Windows 10 update is the most common issue for concern you can always encounter different problems that may trouble the proper functionality of MT4. If an issue persists, do not rush to reinstall your platform again. Check your logs to identify other underlying problems.


How Forex traders should use MT4

With enough knowledge, MT4 users are eager to scale up their Forex trading operations. To make sure that the highest levels of internet speed and execution accuracy are achieved, choose a good Virtual Private Server (VPS) with Windows 10 support to boost your trading success. VPS Forex Trader provides the best VPS services dedicated to Forex traders. With the most suitable locations for minimal latency and exceptional customer support, these servers will help get the most out of MT4 and other trading tools.

2th Oct 2020

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is the best Forex trading platform in the world. Thanks to a wide selection of customizable tools, traders learn and manipulate the incoming data to create custom trading stations and use the acquired information to their advantage.

MT4 is a superb platform for beginners trying to learn the basics of trading on the foreign exchange market. Expert Advisors (EA) are a great weapon for intermediate traders that are urging to make the jump and start earning a respectable profit. Automation is the next step to making a living on Forex. MT4 creates a perfect environment for traders to analyze, experiment, and develop new trading strategies or algorithms for their EA's.

Despite its popularity, MetaTrader 4 is a platform designed for Windows OS. If you want to use MT4 with another operating system, you are likely to face some limitations. Trading on Mac requires a compatibility layer to run Windows applications.

Google Chromebooks are unique laptops and tablets with a fast and secure Chrome OS operating system. Often regarded as great alternatives to expensive laptops, Chromebooks are great backup work computers. The comfort, speed, and long-lasting battery life make it a good choice for completing productivity tasks while traveling or commuting. But can MT4 run on Chromebook?

Trading on Chromebook is only possible via the MT4 android app or a web option. These options are useful for beginners to get familiar with Forex trading. Serious traders are often unsatisfied with these limited options.

Fortunately, the majority of traders do not base trading systems on their devices. To get the most out of MT4 and its powerful tools, we suggest hosting your software on a Virtual Private Server (VPS). A VPS guarantees continuous security, stability, and trading without any interruptions, which is essential for veteran traders that rely on automated trading. Find a VPS location that is closest to your broker to guarantee the best trading conditions and access your MT4 with any electronic device, including a Chromebook. Use VPS hosting right now to build your future in Forex trading!

2th Oct 2020

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is the most popular Forex trading platform with many useful tools for advanced, technical analysis of the market. Trading on the foreign exchange market can be easy to learn, but learning the tendencies and unstable nature of the market requires proper data management.

The flexibility and a wide array of MT4 applications make it a necessity for every trader. A beginner utilizes its simple features for a better understanding of the market and visualization of essential data. More complex, powerful tools, such as Expert Advisors (EA), allow great, accomplished traders to increase the magnitude and precision of executed trades with the help of algorithmic automation.

A trader has to know the limitations of running MT4 on a computer. MT4 was designed for Windows OS, and because of it, Mac users have to bypass some obstacles to use this platform. Here's how you run MT4 on Mac OS.

To run MT4 and other Windows applications on a Mac, a user has to use compatibility layers like Wine. With it, the applications developed for Windows can be run on all Unix-based systems. Wine eliminates memory loss and ensures the clean integration of Windows applications into your Mac.

Because Wine is not always a fully stable application, Forex traders use PlayonMac – a Wine-based software to ensure a smooth, safe, and stable trading experience. With PlayonMac, Mac users get another vital component – Xquartz. This software allows the usage of the X Window System that provides the tools and protocols for the user interface. After PlayonMac installation is complete, the user updates Wine and proceeds with the basic installation of MT4.

Because home-based trading systems are fragile and unreliable, a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is used to host MT4. Thanks to a VPS, Forex traders get 24/7 uptime – a necessity for automated trading, a higher level of security, and superior internet speed. If MT4 gets installed on a VPS, it can be accessed with any electronic device – including a Mac, to execute trades or monitor automated systems. Go ahead and use a VPS for a much more successful trading experience!

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