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Affiliate program


The VPSForexTrader.com affiliate program is a great way to earn generous commissions by referring new subscribers to us. Whether you have a web site, a blog or another means of referring customers, you can earn a steady stream of reoccurring commissions without any investment on your part.

There is no need to provide support or collect service fees. Simply use your assigned link to refer customer and get your sale. Commissions are paid by Paypal after the new subscriber has continued service for 31 days and when you have earned 100 USD or more. There is no limit to the number of subscribers you can refer or the amount of money you can earn! Also, if you are using our services, you can also use them from your referal balance! Transactions can be tracked in real-time in the affiliate control panel.

Affiliates exceeding 20 paid subscriptions in a quarter are paid an additional bonus.

To join our affiliate program, please register a customer account and click the Affiliate profile at the right bottom of the user menu. There you will find links for email, websites and etc. We pay 15% of every payed order, and forever as long as your refered customer stays with us!

For example:
- if your refered customer orders VPS for forex trading FX-1 and pays for it each month - you'll earn 3.75 USD each month.
- ff your refered customer orders VPS for forex trading FX-1 and pays for it each quarter - you'll earn 11.25 USD each quarter also.

We practice a strict anti-spam policy. Affiliates should be very careful to never spam our services anywhere on the web or through email.

Subscriptions must be paid and in good standing for 31 days before commission is earned and is subject to final approval by VPSForexTrader.com

Please do not abuse our affiliate program by signing up as an affiliate and then registering for service. Affiliates are welcome to signup services for themselves - and will get paid for it - but must have at least 3 total transactions before they become payable.